Roaring engine sound still excites me – Mini Cooper fanactic’s story

Yes, you got that right about me. I am a Mini fanatic!

From the moment, I saw the movie “Italian Job” my heart was pumping for a Mini Cooper. However, I wanted to wait for the diesel model as opposed to a gasoline because of the turbo engine. Diesel Mini Coopers are stronger and faster than a gasoline with “S” (fast) option.

Mini Cooper S
Mini Cooper S, Gasoline – I look for Mini Coopers on the street wherever I travel.

About four years ago, I bought a Mini Cooper diesel. Interesting thing about Mini Coopers, It’s not just a car, from the moment you start driving it, your life style changes. At first, I thought this is just me, but I met a lot of Mini Cooper users who claims the same opinion.

Mini Cooper Diesel
My dear black Mini Cooper Diesel model . Blacky – Nickname.
 I don’t understand selfie, why do you care for your picture so much daily basis? Maybe understandable on special occasions but it shouldn’t be daily. Don’t get me wrong, this is purely my opinion. But this contracts my behavior toward Mini Coopers. I take photos of my Mini Cooper almost every time I wash it. Then one day, it occurs to me that selfie and photos of one’s own car seem like a similar behavior.
Well who cares, I simply like the Mini Cooper.
Not Normal!
Fun Driving!
Often times, you hear these phrases about the Mini Cooper. I couldn’t agree with those more. It’s so tiny, so you hear roaring engine sound very close to you. Some might say, sound proof is very important for comfortable driving experience, but I don’t look for it. I crave for “Fun Driving”. Roaring engine sound is the key component of experiencing fun in driving.
Then one day, I saw a diesel car gave off black smoke out of its exhaustion pipe. It was disgusting. Evidently, the car with the black smoke did not speed up even with screaming engine sound.
Soon I found that this is because of diesel carbon sludge which can happen to any diesel turbo engine cased car. The reason the car I saw particularly gave off black smoke is because the car didn’t have good DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter : cleaning bad smoke process)
carbon sludge
Carbon sludge – intake manifold (Before installation)
I am terrified to know this because I believed diesel car is very clean car, even better than gasoline but with more power. This is true until carbon sludge is building up inside the intake manifold.
Clean intake manifold
Clean intake manifold (since installation : 1600km)
How can I keep it clean?
I don’t want to disassemble my engine regularly. That sounds like big risks. Anything can go wrong in the process of disassemble the engine and reassemble it. Thanks to my love for Mini Coopers, this concern was killing me.
Classic Mini Cooper
Classic Mini Cooper Gasoline model with no air conditioner
Suddenly the classic gasoline Mini looks a way better than my diesel Mini. However, over the years, I know that if you’re desperate enough, you will find a solution for you.
Well luckily I found mine. “Desperate need” enabled one of our engineer to invent a solution.
BA Solutions
This magic tool will keep your car engine as good as new. By BA Solutions

Introduce the mighty magic object!

This will keep your engine as clean as a new car. Now I can enjoy my Mini Cooper lifestyle without carbon sludge concerns.


camping car, Mini Cooper
Who said Mini is small? It hauls decent size camper!

Now I could enjoy road trip freeing from carbon sludge worries. I can accelerate any time I want with full power.


Clean engine
Intake Manifold will be at its best condition.
If this uneasy truth makes you feel bad, I’m sorry. But it’s a way better than too late.
I will walk you through roaring engine, exciting life style in this blog. Just sit tight, relax and enjoy our automobile and lifestyle stories.