BA Solutions – Engineering company finds true meaning in life

This might be an interesting title for you. This posting is more than introducing BA Solutions as a company. It’s more about a story of “Engineering company in search of true life meaning”. If someone asks you what your dream company looks like, what would you answer? Someone might say “Google” like company, in other words innovative yet great benefits to all employees. Of course one of your lists would be highest salary in the same industry.

BA Solutions
BA Solutions conference room with lots of engineering gadgets

Sung-jin, Kim CEO of BA Solutions has quite different opinion about this. Have you considered the possibility that even a company like Google who offers the best employees benefits design it in a way to optimize company efficiency? If it boils down to the core purpose of employees benefits, it’s more for the company than for the individual.


However, Sung-jin wanted to explorer less travelled path. He believed in an organization where organization can grow while each individual pursue’s their best interests as opposed to best interests of the company.


BA Solution office kitchen area


If you’ve ever visited any Korean company, you know this. Usually the office looks exactly like the office. But if you look through BA solution’s kitchen area, it’s more like a cafe. Imagine, you can start your day with great coffee smell at work. Also you could start your day according to your schedule. If you have to take care of your family, you don’t need to report it to your boss, just take care of your family first, then make it up later. No excuses necessary.


BA Solutions
A few steps further away


A few more steps further away from the kitchen area, you see a few doors to a different office rooms. How do you feel? Perhaps a cozy place as opposed to a boring office space. If you turn right, you will see a lot of artworks. This place looks more like a society club lounge.




Sung-jin’s “Family comes first” belief worked for all employees working for BA Solutions. Over the years, no one wanted to quit nor tried to find other jobs, so since 2004 all employees are getting old together like a real family. Job stability, security might seem very foreign words in modern society where people get laid off or find new jobs easily, but BA solutions achieved this goal successfully.


Draw your vision, and make it come true!


BA Solutions
Sung-jin, Kim : CEO of BA Solutions


CEO of BA solutions draws his vision at all times. Not only visual information helps his customers understand the product easily but also it helps him develop a new product. Draw one component at a time, before he knows it. He has a complete drawings of the new product. Just imagine you draw something and manifest it in real.




If you get tired of anything, you can get enough rest at the resting room. No need to ask your boss’s permission. Now I am not surprised at all. All the creative products BA Solutions offer to the world came out of a simple thought via drawing. Lots of drawings. It may be simple at a time but you know you can’t squeeze creative ideas on purpose however much time you have!


A few engineers got together in one place and grow old like a family. The sense of job security made them think for years with no pressure of producing output in a hurry. As a result, they released a few creative products now and get ready to introduce to the world.


Enjoy what these engineering geeks have to say to the world!