Uneasy truth about your diesel cars – carbon sludge

One day, I came across a thought about when we started havnig the waste problem. I looked up historical information, but I could not find any information concerning the waste became a social problem until early 1900. Even in early 1900, ancestors tried to reduce it by recycling human or food waste into fertilizer, which isn’t much of an issue in the eye of modern view.


From the historial facts, I should say the waste problem stems from the development of industrial age. Or should I say it’s because of advancing of the modern culture. Anyhow, people began to look for bigger stuff. As an instance, refrigerators years ago are obsolete now because people need bigger stuff. Thanks to that, now we have more food waste. Likewise we have all sort of more waste from variety of industries including more pollution from cars on the roads.


carbon sludge
Mountain amount of wastes, if you burn them it will cause substantial damage to the air

Come to think about this waste problem, we all are culprit. We created waste full of environment while we are trying to reducing it with more funds. Not to mention that no one was able to find a good solution to waste free world after all substantial investment of reducing it. How ironic this is?


Invisible waste, in other words, pollution from cars are contaminating our world therefore a lot of government organizations as well as car manufacturers are trying to reduce it by processing it out of exhaustion part.


I don’t think this is smart approach. When it comes to diesel engine based cars, DFP, SCR, EGR methods are most often used solution to reduce the pollution but it’s not as effective as architects wanted. The numbers we are seeing through auto manufacturers are under controlled circumstances, but in real world who knows? We all can assume this is for the passing government regulations as opposed to eliminating the root of the issues.


The real deal with diesel cars is that carbon sludge is building in the intake manifold. When this is built enough, it makes airway (intake manifold) much smaller than it’s supposed to be therefore, it will reduce performance of the engine substantially therefore it creates more polluted gas to be processed out of exhaustion part. In other words, if this happens, cars might not pass government regulations. But government approval process happens only once at the time of new car.

This leads to incomplete combustion, evidently incomplete combustion will decrease the performance of the engine (less mileage) substantially therefore it will shorten lifespan of the car.

Carbon sludge - intake manifold
Carbon sludge – intake manifold

Side effects from carbon sludge building in your intake manifold:

  • low performance
  • shutdown
  • nasty smell (pollution smell)
  • unstable RPM
  • increasing high RPM via gear change but no visible speed change
  • slower speed
  • mileage difference up to 100 km
  • when driving, car feels heavier than before.
  • Slow start
  • Severe vibration when driving
  • This won’t be detected by car scanning device. No check sign will appear from car sensors.


Whoever has the knowledge of the car maintenance got concerns about this. So they might have it looked at the car mechanics and get it cleaned regularly. Not to mention it take a lot of time (almost full day), but also it’s really expensive. Or most people will just drive without any clue, if intake got blocked, they will eventually find out this worst nightmare at the mechanics.


Recent events of German cars diesel gate came from the facts that most government has high regulations for the diesel cars therefore auto manufactures couldn’t meet government requirement but decided to cheat the process. I strongly believe that instead of having high standards for the new car but we need long term monitoring system to minimize environment issues from the car. This way, auto manufacturers can’t cheat short-term basis but they have to come up with long-term real solution to minimize pollution.


With this in mind, we came to the conclusion that we must reduce the cause of the pollution as opposed to reducing or processing it once it’s happened. The best solution until we can get rid of combustion engine for good is to keep the best condition as it is until car dies.

carbon sludge
Total sum of pollution from the life of the vehicle

In year 2014, total number of diesel cars are 7,400,000 out of 2,012,000 cars (accumulated figure in S.Korea). During 10 years of diesel vehicle, the sum of pollution is overwhelming.


We developed a product D-CLEAN to remove carbon sludge which is the cause of the pollution. It cleans intake manifold whenever in need to get rid of the possibility of building carbon sludge while driving.

BA Solutions
D-CLEAN device

It’s super easy to maintain. Whenever you change engine oil, add more cleaning liquid into the D-Clean system.


You might think. How can I contribute clean air after all I am just one person?

Yes you may be right about it unless you are into clean environment. But you don’t have to be an environmentalist to enjoy high performance of your car and keep it as good as the new until it dies. You don’t have to experience less performance over the years while believing you have to take it for granted because every car slows down when it’s getting old. This doesn’t have to be true anymore.

Once you experience it firsthand, you might spread the word to your friends. My car is now as good as new! I know you would because I did.