Classic cars hold more value than fancy new cars.

If I had the ability to maintain my own car without the help of any mechanics, I would definitely go for the classic Mini Coopers. Over the years, I kind of like old cars better than fancy new cars. Don’t get me wrong, I do like cars, new cars. But there is something about old cars in mint condition.


Classic Mini Cooper
Classic Mini Cooper at Yokohama street in Japan.


As a Mini fanatic, I am attracted to all kinds of Mini. While I was walking down the hill in Yokohama, Japan, I was mesmerized by this little guy. Even scratches on bonnets looked beautiful. Then it occurred to me that old cars hold more value than new cars. When the cars are not on sale, it becomes one and only car.


Mini Classic cars
Mini Classic cars

I never thought I could see a Mini classic car in Korea. Then one day, I found one at a parking lot in a building I visited for a business meeting. This Mini is as good as new. A way better than the one I saw in Yokohama Japan. No scratches whatsoever. I wondered if it can drive as swift as mine(year 2014 diesel Mini Cooper model).


Classic Mini Cooper. A small town in Georgia, USA.
Classic Mini Cooper. A small town in Georgia, USA.

Well, I am definitely attracted to Mini Cooper. I saw this one passing by me when I was in a small-town Georgia, USA. Not only it was a great mint condition but also the performance was great. I am sure owners took great care of it daily basis.


I do like diesel engine. It provides strong power while the engine is considered as more clean than the gasoline engine. I drove Mini Cooper gasoline s model (speed model), but it seems like my regular Mini Cooper diesel is faster than Mini Cooper gasoline. On top of better performance if you could contribute clean air, it’s no brainer decision for me. So I bought mine as diesel one.


But recently, I came across very uneasy truth about the Diesel engine.

Carbon sludge built in intake manifold
Carbon sludge built inside intake manifold

My apology for this nasty photo.

This photo was taken inside the intake manifold of a Diesel car. I also came to know that regardless of the type of Diesel engine, if it supports turbo mode (which mine supports it), you will have this sooner or later depending on the style of your driving.

See more details about carbon sludge building issue with a diesel engine at this link.


I almost screamed when I saw this.


My friend in Colorado is a geologist. He has a very old Jeep but he can maintain it without the help of the automobile mechanic. He could fix any problems by himself.

Old Jeep


Is car automobile mechanic skill necessary for all Diesel engine owner?

I hear that you could take your Diesel car to mechanic shop regularly but it takes almost all day to clean up intake manifold carbon sludge. Of course it would be very pricy service.

Old Jeep
Old Jeep


What if your car stops in the middle of off-road trip where no one can offer you help for days with no cell phone coverage. Maybe my example might be too extreme but sh#t can happen! (excuse my language).


As a classic car lover, and Mini fanatics, I would definitely explorer D-Clean solution to keep my Diesel engine Mini clean. Besides, it will keep the car condition as good as new.


H@ll with carbon sludge! (excuse me again)