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Mini restoration
Mini restoration

What do you see from this photo?


What do you see? I see a Mini with roaring engine sound about to speed up in a country road. Adventures, road trips and fun, lots of it. Somehow when I see a Mini I can imagine myself doing all sorts of things that I haven’t done in my lifetime. In this regard, I consider Mini as a magical medium to reach my imagination.


Mini Cooper Diesel


I am not sure if this is just me. But when I drive my Mini Cooper Diesel, I often times stop at another Mini. Sometimes we exchange greetings passing by. I have not done this before Mini. How strange! I came to a conclusion that Mini is culture. It’s not just a car. Whoever drives Mini begins to transform into a person that one has only dreamed of.


A Classic Mini Restoration


Now you can imagine my excitement when I saw this scene. I met a legendary mechanic formerly a famous car racer. Usually people ask him to fix or improve performance of super cars but this legend wants to work on the Classic Mini Coopers more than anything.

When the Mini was introduced by English-based British Motor Corporation in 1960s, it was revolutionary. Not only it was affordable to most people but also it has 80% of the area of the car’s floorpan to be used for passengers and luggage. While its size is very small, it’s practical.

The performance versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper “s”, were also successful. They were popular for both race and rally cars.

Now BMW owns the use of Mini logo, so it’s not really a classic Mini anymore. But in my belief while the true Mini is dead, it left a huge legacy as I call it as “Mini culture”.

Modern Mini Cooper by BMW
Modern Mini Cooper by BMW (My Blacky Mini)


Here I drive Mini Cooper Diesel. I turned everyone into Mini as much as possible.


Mini Cooper S

My dear friend in Georgia drives also Mini Cooper S. Believe it or not, once people around me start driving Mini Cooper, they do things they have only imagined.

Kindly remind you of rule #6. Rule #6 is “Don’t take it darn so seriously”.

I say this a lot. Before Mini Cooper in my life, I took things so seriously. In the past, if bad things happened to me, I got very concerned about future bad things which may or may not happen at all. But after Mini Cooper, I don’t take bad events seriously anymore, rather I see it from a different perspective, and try to learn my lessons from the events.

Thanks to this new way of life, I can truly enjoy life’s events. Any events. Literally.


A Classic Mini at a local car museum

I can’t wait to see this legendary mechanic to finish his Classic Mini restoration. Or it would be even better if I had the chance to see him working on it from time to time. I will definitely keep you guys (viewers) posted if possible.


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