Introduce Seoul as a brand. – Prepare your upcoming trip plan!

Seoul as a brand

A while ago, I read magazine B about Seoul city and Portland City. This magazine introduced a city as if it’s a brand of a product.I was fascinated by this idea. So I decided I will do the same thing since I was born and raised in Seoul city and still live in the greater Seoul city area.

When I visited America for the first time, the place I visited is not really a city. It was in the suburb area with more nature. I liked it a lot because my life has been surrounded by a busy city life. In the same same, I found that a lot of foreigners from USA or Europe, they like Seoul the better because they’ve been living very quiet life while Seoul never sleeps even at night.


Boat ride in Han River
Even at night you can enjoy a boat ride in Han river

Han river is like the symbol of Seoul. It gets prettier at night with city lights.

I never knew how big Seoul city is until I visited New York. My perception toward NYC was like, it must be the biggest city in the world with lots of tall buildings. I got this image from Hollywood movies. Don’t get me wrong. It is a still big city but not as big as Seoul city. I could walk to my destination in NYC mostly within an hour or so. But in Seoul it’s impossible. The city is so wide, it’s impossible to see it all via walking.


National Seoul Museum
National Seoul Museum

Seoul city is very old city as it was evolved from Joseon Dynasty since 1392 when Koreans had a king. Also the city had to go through various interesting historical events including lots of wars and Japanese colonial period, then Korean War which separates Korea by South and North. So you get to see the old and the new at the same time. They literally stand right next to each other.


Seoul N Tower can be seen inside a King's palace
Seoul N Tower can be seen inside a King’s palace


Like the photo in the above, from the King’s palace, you can see tall buildings as well as Seoul N tower which is located in the center of Seoul city. Yet, if you stand right in the middle of the palace, somehow, you hear no traffic sound whatsoever. It gets so quiet as if you had a time travel back to 500 years ago.

I love this place, as I close my eyes, I could spread my imaginations. I could do anything and go anywhere in my imagination.




Nothing but wind, sound of nature.
Nothing but wind, sound of nature

If you plan to visit Korea, don’t be afraid of renting a car. The traffic is almost same as your own country. Just remember, we don’t make u-turns or left turns unless you see a traffic light sign appears unlike in the United States.

Not only you could add car navigation option(typically for free) but also you could use your phone by install a free navigation app. Some navigation even shows you road in 3D look, so you won’t face any issues with finding your destinations. Parking at national museum or national parks are inexpensive.

With 3D street view, you can drive anywhere easily
With 3D street view, you can drive anywhere easily

By renting a car, now you will be able to visit the Sea of East. Visiting this place will give you the opportunity to have a rest from busy city actions while you will see awesome mountains as well as breath-taking scenic views about the Sea of East.


The Sea of East
The Sea of East view


Somehow, we have multiple local coffee roasters headquartered in those areas. Therefore, you could also enjoy good coffees in the area.

Well back to my topic about Seoul as a brand. I’d like to strongly recommend you to consider Seoul city for your next upcoming tour! Mixture of the old and new with awesome food experience. Why wait?