Strategies to deal with differences in Korean driving culture

Lefhand driving vs righthand driving
Lefhand driving vs righthand driving

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There are always differences when we get into a new place, such as their lifestyle and cultures habits which can make us appreciate the diversity. The difference is wonderful when we can interpret it well. But, sometimes it also makes us confused, like me when the first time come to South Korea I am always anxious to crossing the road.

IMG_9571Have you ever heard about left-driving and right-driving countries? Yes, I am coming from left-driving countries when the vehicles drove in the left lane so if I want to cross the road I must look on the right side first. Here is the opposite, Korea is one of the right-driving countries if you want to cross the road you must look on the left side first and then continue walking. This is a mistake that I usually do, so I was almost hit by a car because of the wrong turning.

Then I wondered how hard my friends were driving here, with all the cultural differences. I am curious because of I never brave enough to drive here. So I asked they experiences while driving in Korea. Before that, I want to tell the street conditions of my country, especially in the capital city. Some peoples say it is challenging. Driving car in the middle of traffic jam for hours, driving between a hundred of motorcycles, impatient public transportation driver, or even facing a hollow and bumpy road. That is typical road situations in a densely populated city in the tropical country.


In contrast to the street situations in Korea, precisely in Daejeon. My friend feels rarely stuck in traffic jam, not many motorcycles on the road, but sometimes found other drivers exceed the speed limits of their car. The road system regulation in Korea is also quite good, we can easily see some special exclusive bus line which can simplify our route. Overall, the driving culture in Korea either the road conditions or the driver character is better than my country.


Back to the right and left-driving countries which is it also has an effect on the steering wheel. Based on my discussion with my friend, I want to give the tip and tricks to deal with the difference in the steering wheel on driving. First, place one of your hand on the transmission transfer levels or handbrake while the other hand holding the steering wheel. In my country, the transmission is on the left side of the driver so if you want to shift the gear, your left hand will play a role on it. While in Korea, it is vice versa. So it will avoid you from driving control mistake.

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Second, always use a GPS navigation. It is easier to have something giving you directions, instead of figuring them out yourself so you can stay focused on driving your car. For example, if you need to turn left or right the GPS navigation will give you a warning before the turn so you can prepare yourself. Third, you should keep in the center line, in my country the slow lane is on the left while Korea is on the right side. By keep driving in the center line you can drive at the normal speed and keep you safe.

Navigation app with Real time traffic info is free in Korea

I always want to feel my own driving experience in Korea, because driving is one of the must-have capabilities for someone who has high mobilization. Besides, driving also has many benefits not only for myself but also for those around me. I hope these cultural differences, in every aspect of it, can make us unwilling and lazy to accept the culture of other countries because the diversity makes our world become amazing.