Keep your diesel engine at the perfect state

Mini Classic cars
Mini Classic cars

If you have your own diesel car in your garage now, then I will assume that you chose this kind of car because it has unique characteristics. I do not have a diesel car currently, but one day I really want to buy it because based on my research result about this car it has amazing features. Let me tell you several things about these features, first diesel car does not have sparking plug to trigger the burning but directly inject the fuel into the combustion chamber, it provides great benefit because of no need to take care the sparking plugs or wires. Second, this type of car also known to be energy efficient, the AFR (air fuel ratio) of diesel engine lower than gasoline engine which means with the same number of air molecules the required fuel molecules are different, gasoline molecules are more needed.

03 perfect state

The next amazing features are the strength power of this car not to be doubted anymore, it is strong enough to carry large loads, because the diesel engine can generate maximum torque at low RPM, although it does have a slight effect on its speed. The last feature possessed by this car is particle filter called DPF (diesel particular filter) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) which can filter out the black smoke particles coming out from the exhaust. So, it is more environmentally friendly, also it reported diesel car produces 20% lower the carbon dioxide emissions than the gasoline cars.

Carbon Sludges

Those are the features in the perfect state, with all these advantages it would be worthless if we are not taking care our diesel car properly. All these features can be reduced it’s functionally even it will arise problems. Lots of problems will come if we do not carefully pay attention when maintaining our car, such as appears a thick black smoke or maybe our diesel car will lose its power. It can be caused by many specific things but there is one crucial problem which most of us are unaware, it is a ‘carbon sludges’ problem. What is carbon sludges? It results from soot accumulations in the intake manifold, as an effect of oil that accidentally burns due to the hot air circulation when turbo starts to take actions. It will cause the dirty smoke emissions, the engine became difficult to burn, high fuel consumption, power loss, and generally the car’s performance will be down.

Carbon sludges in the intake manifold

Afterwards what we need to think is, what kind of solutions for this complications, how to eliminate this carbon sludge. Maybe we can manually clean the intake manifold by disassembling all engine part, but it will be so troublesome because the car engine is so much complicated. Instead of cleaning all the part because it has piled up, it is better to prevent the carbon sludges before forming. If you curious how can an oil engine prevented before sticking, my colleagues are developing a product called D Clean which can prevent the carbon sludges sticking along the intake manifold of your engine car.

D Clean product

This is the full article which is about how to install the D Clean, ( It is very easy, only takes about 15 minutes to install all the three components: adapter to connected to intake manifold, the cleaner liquid that plays a role for cleaning the intake manifold part before the carbon sludges start assembling, and another part is like a brain to arrange when the cleaner liquid should be burst.

With this effortless way, you can keep your car features like in the perfect conditions without having a fear of carbon sludges will make your car performance go down.