Is it true using Diesel Fuel Additive can improve car engine performance?


Interior of Mini Austin Cooper
Mini Austin Cooper


Have you ever heard about diesel fuel additive? A chemical that naturally did not exist in diesel fuel yet added to the fuel tanks to improve the diesel engine performance. By mixing it together with diesel fuel we expected our engine will have maximum performance: emit less pollution, extend mileage, its power increase, and become more energy-efficient. But do you know the function of fuel additive more specifically? Check this out:

  • Biocide: kill or prevent biological growth in fuel tanks
  • Cetane Boost: increase the Cetane number of a fuel
  • Conductivity: reduce the risk of static charge buildup
  • Injector cleaner: Clean fuel injector from the deposit
  • Lubricity: Increase fuel lubricity
  • Water disperser: Disperse water in fuel to be burned together
  • Stabilizer: Improve the storage stability of fuel

If we read more carefully, the function of diesel fuel additive is for the fuel and its surrounding issue, not to solve all the engine problems directly related with car’s overall performance.


09 additive
capture of Carbon Journal


On the contrary, the use of this additive is not very necessary, let’s look at one example: injector cleaner. This clean-additive usually contains polyether amine (PEA) detergent which can break the bond in deposit, but some literature says this PEA cannot break the deposit at super high temperature then it remains intact at combustion chamber. Another proof is from the Carbon Journal that I read (, it concluded that deposit buildup can reach an equilibrium means the amount of deposit leaving is same as the amount of deposit forming.


Carbon Sludges
Carbon sludges buildup in the intake manifold


From the above case, we can see that fuel additive cannot work as best as we expected, therefore if you want to increase the whole car performance pay attention to other problems. There is one problem that most people did not care is carbon sludge buildup, the accumulation of oil waste in the intake manifold area which can block the air through the combustion chamber. If the combustion chamber lack of air (oxygen), there will be incomplete combustion that will produce harmful pollutant and make our exhaust release the black smoke. This is what will make our car performance get down.


D Clean system is in place.
D Clean system is in place.


There are many ways to clean the carbon sludge from the intake manifold, it can be done by dissembling engine parts but this will certainly take a lot of time or easily installing a product to any Diesel engines that can automatically clean our intake manifold.

It called D Clean, a solution developed by BA Solutions which consist of three component that can clean carbon sludges by spray a cleaner liquid to intake manifold even before the carbon sludge buildup. Recently, already many users started using D Clean and they witnessed that their car performance got better drastically, read this article to understanding what I mean (

If you ever think about diesel fuel additives, maybe after this article, you might want to hold on to that thought!