Korean culture study in the perspective of International Student

Being teacher has always been my dream, a splendid job that will allow me to concern about others education because education is crucial for everyone. But before that, I have to increase my knowledge before giving to someone else so I am planning to continue my study. A long short story, I got an opportunity to study in South Korea which was wonderful because Korea is very famous for their highly advanced in science and technology.


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an introduction e-mail from my professor


When I first arrived in Korea and finally met with my Professor, the nervous and lack of confidence that I had previously felt suddenly vanished. He was a very kind person and knows how to treat his International student well. After several months did the research and studies in his guidance, I understand the different style of learning between Korea and my country. Here is the Korean culture study in the perspective of an International student:

  • They had more work time in the laboratory. The competition between students in Korea is quite tight, they got used to studying and doing experiments until late night almost 10 hours/day. While in my country, normally people did their work around 8 hours/day and they also felt more stressful due to a lot of academic tasks.
  • They had high respect to the senior. This culture could bring both positive and negative impact, the junior will obey the rules but sometimes the senior could be too mean.
  • No boundary between Professor and the students when it came to the activity outside the university. It will create an enjoyable atmosphere in the laboratory or class.



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With Professor and Korean friends after Conference in Jeju Island


In the first month, I experienced this culture shock, but my Professor gave me a slightly different treatment to make it easier for me to adapt to his laboratory. I am very grateful to have a professor like him, sometimes in the middle of our discussion about my experiment progress, he also asked how it felt to live in Korea whether there was any difficulty or not.


There are a lot of beautiful parks and gardens in Jeju Island.
There are a lot of beautiful parks and gardens in Jeju Island.


Many things happened during my study here: join several conferences in some well-known areas in Korea and published a journal though with full of struggle and hard work. Until in the end, I got used to Korean culture study and finally managed to graduate.