Carbon sludge clean – any risks? Best way to clean carbon sludge

04 clean diesel engine 2
Cleaning the car engine is the key to keep your car as good as new.

Cleaning the car engine is a very important thing to do, this cleaning system must be included in the routine car maintenance that you usually do periodically. Naturally, there will be a buildup of dirt inside the engine if you have an old car which has a lifespan more than 2 years or exceeds 2000 km journey. This dirt especially in the intake manifold area called by carbon deposit or carbon sludges that trapped and block the air going through the combustion chamber. It will bring bad effects to our engine, including:

  • More fuel consumption: The lack of air in the combustion chamber will make the burning become incomplete so some fuel will not be converted into energy. Therefore, to reach same distance travel it will need more fuel.
  • Black smoke emission: While the remaining fuel that not burned will go out through the exhaust chamber so the exhaust gas will become black color.
  • Produce harmful pollutant: As a result of this incomplete combustion, it will produce carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide and it is one of a dangerous pollutant that harmful to our breathing.


Carbon sludges in the intake manifold
Carbon sludge buidup in the intake manifold


Other effects of this carbon sludges are the engine become decreased its strength, acceleration goes down, and will reduces the car performance in general. So, cleaning the engine from carbon sludges become very important to keep our car performance as good as new. There are various ways to clean this carbon sludges from the intake manifold area depend on the level of carbon sludges that exist:

  1. Italian tune up

The way is maybe very easy, by stepping on the gas pedal at high RPM about 4000 to 5000 RPM for 15-20 seconds repeatedly in order to make the carbon sludge come out along with the exhaust gas. But this method can only be used for slightly carbon sludges, not for the accumulated one and this way also can reduce our enjoyment in driving a car.

  1. By dismantling the engine part

This way is the hardest, requires equipment, skill, and would be very burdensome if we had to routine do it. The mechanics will do it by disassembly and clean the carbon sludges directly with manual method using brushes and cleaning fluid. This is an extremely laborious task which can take 6-8 hours for a V8 engine that is both costly and no efficient.

Any risks involved in disassembling car engine parts? Some say no, but I would say “yes” depending on the mechanic’s skill and experience. However people consider this is the “most effective method of carbon sludge clean”.

  1. Using carbon cleaner fluid

This method is rather difficult and requires special equipment, remove the spark plug first and add the cleaner liquid through spark plug hole using a special tool that can make the liquid cleaner into a foam shape. Then, wait approximately 15 minutes until the carbon sludges mix with cleaner foam and take the foam out using special equipment like a vacuum cleaner.

  1. D Clean product

This is the best method to clean carbon sludges from your diesel engine, using a product that called D Clean. The procedure is to once time install some component in your engine together with the cleaner liquid, and all you have to next is refill the cleaner. This method does not require special tools in the routine maintenance, does not take a lot of time and power because just need 15 minutes to the component installation. But this way can clean your engine from carbon sludges even though it already buildup a lot.

Unlike #2 method which was and still is the most effective method of carbon sludge clean, this has no potential risks. Besides if you don’t like it, you could remove it easily. Other methods are about cleaning up aftermath but this method is about prevention just like vaccines for diseases. So we believe this would be the most effective method of carbon sludge cleaning or should I say carbon sludge prevention!


D Clean Cleaning Liquid
Refill the D Clean cleaner liquid


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