BA SOLUTIONS Anti-drone technology Introduction (Jammer and beyond!)

BA SOLUTIONS offers a complete suite of anti-drone technologies. To the best of my knowledge there is no one else but us offering all phases of anti-drone technologies in one place.


Evidently, the first phase you need to do is to detect an unwanted drone. The first phase “Detect” phase, there are a number of ways to find an unwanted drone.

1) Naked eye (In military mission, if you see an enemy’s drone in your naked eye, it’s too late!)

2) Sound (Like the above, if you can hear it, it’s too late in most situations.)

3) Camera (BA SOLUTIONS offers telescope lens to see (or detect) a unwanted drone from a very long distance.)

4) RF Detection

5) Radar : Radar is very useful in long range but it’s not only very expensive (therefore in most  cases, it’s not affordable solution.) but also its ability diminishes substantially where there are tall buildings around radar’s installation place.

RF Attack

RF Attack phase is where drone jammers come into play. When an unwanted drone is detected, you would want to immobilize it by jamming the signal.

There are a number of signals available concerning drones. 1) GPS signal 2) Control Signal (between remote control) 3) media signal (for a video feed) By jamming either 1) or 2), or both 1) and 2) signals, you can immobilize unwanted drones however you like.



You may find more detail information about BA SOLUTIONS Drone jammers at this link.

In the anti-drone technologies, there are three ways to immobilize drones. 1) Jamming 2) Spoofing 3)Take control (in other words, hacking)

Typically jamming both control and GPS signals are available with most drone jammers in the market. But by jamming by itself, you can’t really force it to land to your preferred location as a drone typically hovers when both signals are jammed. (Note that depending on drones’s user options if you jam all signals, drones will either land its location or hover. but in my scenario, let’s assume user has set it to hover.)

So people came up with an idea of 3) Take control, which is literally hacking a drone to take control of it. In order to hack a drone, it takes a lot of time and there are too many variations from a different vendors, so you can’t hack them all!

BA SOLUTIONS made “Spoofing” technology available, which is more advanced anti-drone technology after jamming. (Read more about this technology at this link.


(Note that if GPS signal is not jammed while other signals are jammed, drone will fly back to home (return to home), in other words, it will fly back to where it started. Let’s assume this in this example scenario.)

Typically when a drone is jammed by a drone jammer, the drone is immobilized and hovering its current location until it consumes its battery completely. Then land. But  if it can receives GPS signal, it returns to home by navigating with GPS signal.


When BA SOLUTIONS drone jammer does spoofing, what happens is..


While a drone is jammed, if a drone loses its connection to the original GPS signal by getting much stronger fake GPS signal from BA SOLUTIONS’s jammer. By doing this, when it tries to return home, instead of its home address, it flies to a fake location which is our preferred location through a fake GPS signal.

Since we don’t have to hack the system, this(Spoofing technology) applies to all drones in the market.

When a third phase of anti-drone technology initiates, now you have to make a decision what you wish to do. Typically you might want to force it to land to your preferred location. With “Spoofing” anti drone technologies, you can not only immobilize unwanted drones by jamming it, but also you can force it to land to your preferred location!

A complete suite of drone defense system(Counter drone)
A complete suite of drone defense system(Counter drone)

BA SOLUTIONS also offers a drone catcher solution. We will talk about this later.

The world is more advanced. We are ready to use drones for commercial use. But unfortunately some people are dedicated to use drones for wrong purposes, therefore anti-drone technologies are no longer optional choices. One can find an individual solution from a various vendors, but what if you can get them all from BA SOLUTIONS?