Which side are you? Drone or anti-drone technology?

Who do not familiar with the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AUV) technology or simply called by Drones which have so much uniqueness and it is potentially to use for various applications in our daily life. These drones technology have very sophisticated navigation system so you can control them from a long distance, also if drones are paired with a camera it can record the image wherever you want even though in some areas that too dangerous for us. In addition to photography purposes, currently drones are also widely used for commercial usage. Some of them are:

  • Amazon’s Drone Delivery

Utilizing a research and development team based in Paris, France, Amazon is busy developing drone technology for its good delivery system from books, clothing, to toothpaste. These items will be placed on the drone then flown away to costumer’s address while remaining under the control center computers to share flight information expected delivery of goods will be fast, safe, and modest. Read the detail of news here (https://www.dronethusiast.com/amazons-drone-delivery/)

News about drone technology applications
News about drone technology applications


  • Agricultural Drones

This type of drones has the ability to water the fertilizer, monitoring the farm conditions, and it can facilitate farmer who have a very large agricultural land work easier. Using this technology farmer can calculate and collect the data to obtain the maximum yield in real-time measuring also it possible to solve the hydration issue by measuring the water content of the soil. You can read the full information here (https://www.dronethusiast.com/agricultural-drones/)

Drones for agricultural drones
Drones for agricultural drones
  • Military Service

Drone is used in the case where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult, for example for surveillance cameras, keeping an eye on the 24-hour targets 7 days a week is impossible for soldiers to do. Beside it, drones are also commonly uses as shooting training as well as bomb missions.

13 Drone Jammer 2

With so many uses and applications, drone technology is certainly beneficial to the human being. But, the destructive drone technology is also being intensively developed, why some drones need to be turned off its function? The higher technology is always coincided with their consequences, one of them is the loss of privacy. What happens if the drones fly freely over the government building? Stealing things that should be a confidential? What happens if public places like airports or stations are visited by drones containing bombs? Public security is paramount. Therefore, the destructive drone technology also needed usually called by Anti-drone technology. Here are some ways that engineers have been developed to disable drone’s function:

  • Drone Tracker

This technology is widely developed to track the existence of drones in the certain area. When a drone enters, the system will notify the security officer or integrated with a security camera.

  • Anti-drone Drones

Drones are also very effective in preventing unwanted drones to be used which is called Anti-drone drones. The Tokyo City Police Department developed a drone capable to moving quickly and equipped with a net to catch the drones. This net can trap the drone’s rotor and carriers it to a safe place to be caught. You can read this article to know the details (http://www.businessinsider.com/tokyo-is-using-anti-drone-squads-to-capture-rogue-drones-with-nets-2015-12)

  • Skywall 100

Still using the net, Skywall 100 is one way to disable a drone by firing a bullet-like containing a net to catch a drone then be equipped by a parachute so the drone does not directly fall to the ground.

  • Drone Jammer by BA SOLUTIONS.

Named AEGEIS Drone Series, this anti-drone technology can disable unwanted drones in an effective way. Immediately after the drone location is known, part of AEGEIS drone will fire the network to disturbing the drone’s opponent RF and GPS. Make it hover for a few moments and diverted somewhere safe.

There are several different anti-drone technologies with BA SOLUTIONS. I will talk about this in a separate post.

Counter drone technologies - Drone Jammer
anti-drone technologies: Drone Jammer by BA Solutions