4K Drone Video Footage – Beautiful yet Privacy at risk?


15 4k drone 2

Drone technology is getting advanced day by day, many improvements have been done to reach the necessities of human life. Drone, a small aircraft that can be controlled remotely have a very wide variety of application although the first drone was created for the military operations. Currently, many people use the drone in their everyday life ranging from helping the photographer to get the best picture or helping the delivery system by sending goods by drones, or even it can be helping the farmers to monitor their land and helps to fertilizer it automatically. In the photography world, the use of this unmanned aircraft vehicle is undoubtedly a benefit, this gadget definitely brings the pleasure of taking pictures to the next level with its capability to take aerial photos and videos.


The newest advanced of this drone technology in this concerns area is a drone that equipped with the 4k camera! This technology will make it possible for users to take very detail image and video with minimal resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. More pixels on the screens means it can create a sharper image and showing more than a standard HD, 4k also sometimes called by Ultra HD. This 4k drones can take image or video with the quality result even in a very windy day without vibration, let’s take a look the scenery of Hawaii taken by a drone equipped with a 4k camera.



If you view this on the big screen with full video resolution, you will see stunning video feed. Beautiful? Absolutely!


15 4k drone 1


The video we just saw is good because it captured scenic nature.  But, imagine if this kind of technology fly freely in the above of government areas or critical infrastructure facilities or a military zone then that 4k cameras can collect information that should be confidential. Then drones become a very dangerous threat. The real example occurred in March 2016, a prisoner in Maryland was convicted of conspiring with two other men to fly drugs and other contraband into a maximum security prison by a drone, detail from this news (http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-prison-contraband-drone-20160317-story.html)


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Therefore, anti-drones are needed. There are several techniques to destroy(immobilize) unwanted drones, from the traditional one using a net to catch the drones until the modern ones by anti-drone technologies like Jamming, Spoofing, and Hacking. But there is one effective tool for immobilizing unwanted drones because it incorporates all the existing anti-drone techniques, drone Jammer by BA SOLUTIONS called by AEGEIS Drone Series.

When an unwanted drone is detected, a typical anti-drone will immobilize it by jamming the control signal (together with GPS signal in the case of AEGEIS Drone Series) so it will hover in the current location until it consumes battery completely, then land(depending on drone’s setting). But whenever it receives GPS signal, the drone will return to the original place. (when it’s set to return to home setting) AEGEIS Drone Series doing a different one, sending a strong fake GPS signal thus creating a target drone going someplace we want instead of its original place. Read all about AEGEIS Drone Series in this link (https://roaringengine.com/2018/05/03/ba-solutions-anti-drone-technology-introduction-jammer-and-beyond/)

Drones definitely become convenient tools but if it becomes a threat, you must need a defense tool as well!