Drone jammer at work from 1 km distance away from the target

With the anti drone technology, detection is the most important part. After all, if you couldn’t detect unwanted drones, what good is a drone jammer? There are a number of ways to detect unwanted drones. But often times, visual detection is commonly used. There is also another way to detect drones, it’s a radar. However, using a radar is very expensive.


Long range drone jammer

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Not only radar is not a cost-effective solution but also you can’t move it around easily. So typically a radar system is used when you can install it at a fixed location. In combat situation however, often times, you need to move around depending on your mission.


What's the good of using a long range drone jammer if you can't shoot it visually.
What’s the good of using a long-range drone jammer if you can’t shoot it visually.


BA SOLUTIONS has a long-range drone jammer. But it was difficult to see a drone farther than a few hundred meters. On top of that even if you can see it, it’s hard to point it from a long distance with precision for jamming.



See golf play place fence near the white cloud in this photo.


x 39 times zooming, you can zoom in to narrow your target with precision, then immobilize it by jamming it.



So we came up with an idea of using a telescope lens to see drones from a long distance. With AF (auto focus) lens and wide high-resolution screen, you can see unwanted drones from a long distance such as 1 Km or so away with high precision.

Check out this video for details.



I saw a video clip of terrorist organization used drones to drop a bomb to U.S. military vehicles from just a hundred meter above the ground. Even it was not so long distance, no one heard it nor detected drones. Even if someone was able to detect it, it would have been pretty tough to immobilize it by jamming it because drones were pretty small.

Imagine drones from 1km distance away. You don’t want to rely on the luck to point it with precision.


Spot a drone with high precision.


Not only for military purposes, but also industrial or public safety related facilities need drone jammer systems. If you’re lucky, you can jam a drone within a short distance, but typically threat needs to be resolved from a long distance!


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