Unwanted drones detection, look for a drone jammer?

The development of drone technology is now increasingly progressive. And practically everyone can use it more so than ever due to its affordable price. Also there are no clear rules related to its usability, drones are sometimes used for the crime tools because drones are like a platform that can carry any object regardless its used for good deed or not. Many institutions, especially those who are dealing with government or public service perceived that drones are a serious threat because drones can do such things:

  • Drones can carry heavy object like narcotics, illegal weapon, or even bombs,
  • Drones equipped with 4k camera can take high-quality aerial photos that can screw up the privacy,
  • Drones can carry a hacking device to steal important data,
  • Drones wired with microphones can record the conversations, etc.


From low end to high end drones, any drone can be used by terrorists will be potential threats.
The drones – an object that can be a threat or helper depends on what is brought

With everything that a drone can do, it is important to detect drone’s whereabouts to avoid unwanted things to happen. There are many drone detection techniques on the market to expose the existence of the drone and some device can also track its pilot.

Most of them is a surveillance camera packaged with multi-sensor detection like audio detection, video detection, RF detection, and radar detection. That device will detect the sound, video, and drone unique code for subsequent traceability through some tracking software. Once a drone has been detected, the software will begin to identify the GPS coordinate of drone and automatically alert the security personnel. When a drone was detected, the next task is for the security system.




If unwanted drones are within eyesight distance, you may be able to use a portable drone jammer. (For details, check out BA SOLUTIONS official drone jammer web site. Click here.)

In most cases, detection is one thing (from one company) and treatment (drone jammer) is the other (from the other company) If you have to equip separate devices for detecting and drone jamming, it is not so efficient because some urgent event might happen right after detection. Let’s say the security system is too late to handle? What would you do if unwanted drones completed its mission while you change a device for jamming it after detection?


How to take down illegal drones!
Immobilize unwanted drones asap!


A drone has managed to harm your important facility as an example? Detecting drone is important but subsequent treatment is far more important. We need an immediate action, whenever a drone is seen hopefully we can stop it at the same time.


16 drone detection 1
Drone detection by BA Solutions equipped with a telescope


As a company dedicated to this field, BA SOLUTIONS introduced the solution that we’ve been waiting for. The drone detection device and anti-drone technique at once. Just one action, the drone can be immobilized quickly by the drone Jammer. This drone jammer equipped with a telescope lens with a high-resolution screen, to see an unwanted drone from long distance around 1 km with high precision. When an unwanted drone is detected, you can directly jamming it.

Check out this video for details.


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