Advanced drone technologies for music video or movie

First off, get ready to be blown away! Now breath deep and watch this video.


Often times music video producers use drone video footage. With 4K video with music, sometimes produces can make more impressive music video with less budget than video with actors.


Now we will watch another short video clip. This time it’s a short movie video clip.


The video feed is from DJI drone manufacturer. They also provide below behind the scene video clip which is more impressive than just seeing a movie.



Due to advanced drone technologies, not only a drone can shoot a video from the distance but also a drone can shoot near human as close as it can be. As you saw from this video clip, a drone can approach an actor in the scene as close as like a person. At the same time it can fly away right after close-up which makes a unique scene you wouldn’t fee it otherwise.




Can you believe that this small guy can do all this and more? If blades are folded, it’s smaller than your tablet PC.

Of course, I am not advertising drones. I simply would like to point out that most modern drones with advanced drone technologies, you can do anything with high precision. What if drones are in the hands of wrong organization. we should definitely feel threatened by this.

One would pose a question, what can’t we just ban drones like automatic guns? This would be the easiest way but we can also have a lot of benefits from drones. Music videos and movies are one thing, and utilities drones are another examples. Utility drones are like delivery drones or surveillance purpose drones.

Not to worry! Not only drone technologies are getting advanced but also anti drone technologies are advanced as well.

Recently, BA SOLUTIONS released two more drone jammer product lines. The one with long range drone jammer where you can jam a drone from more than 1 km away while seeing wide LCD screen by zooming in on your target.

Long range drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS
Long range drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS

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The other one is portable drone jammer with optical viewfinder for more precision targeting.

A portable drone jammer system
A portable drone jammer system

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It would be great if there was no threat in the first place, but unfortunately it is what it is. So you should be prepared for the incidents. Please find more information at BA SOLUTIONS drone jammer system official web site. Click here.