Drone catcher drone (Anti-Drone technology)

When it comes to anti-drone technology, catching a flying drone with a net is indeed great idea. There are a few anti-drone companies who’s promoting this tool for catching unwanted drones. Catching it would end unwanted drone threat immediately while with a drone jammer, one has to wait until drones consume its battery completely which usually takes some time.


Drone Jammer system
Drone Jammer system


However, shooting a heavy net is a very changeling task. So we’ve decided we will build a drone with a gun that shoots nets. In this way, we were pretty sure we could catch unwanted drones wherever they are as quickly as possible.

Soon we’ve realized that it’s harder to catch a flying drone regardless. Whether you shoot a net from the ground or from the flying drone, it’s essential that (1) you should target it with high precision and (2) when net is discharged wind shouldn’t interfere.

Now you know where this story goes. If drones move quickly, it’s almost impossible shoot it or you should be extra lucky to shoot it.



At first, we’ve focused on increasing a net shooting power. We thought if we can shoot a net fast(and powerful) enough like a bullet, it will take down the drones much easier.

Well, it didn’t work.

Secondly we’ve tried to make the net bigger and wider to increase the chance of hitting the target.

It helped some but not really. Still if drones move quickly enough or under the influence of strong wind, nothing really worked. The only way to make it happen is to make the target drones stand still!

This is what we do best! A built-in drone jammer in the drone catcher drone!


Like the video clip in the above, we created a drone catcher drone with a built-in drone jammer system. Once you jam unwanted drones in close range, shooting a net with high precision will finish the job.


drone jammer, drone catcher drone
A Drone catcher drone caught an unwanted drone(white one on the ground) with a net after its being jammed by a drone jammer.


Even though you have a drone jammer system, if you need to be able to take care of unwanted drones as soon as possible while you’re not sure if you can destroy it or not. This drone catcher with a built-in drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS might satisfy your need!

For more drone jammer systems, please visit our official website at http://jamkor.co.kr!