Thousands of drones flying together, how to immobilize them?

Watching the Olympic Games is always interesting, with the wonderful performance and amazing records from many different countries athletes. Including the Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang, South Korea last February. All the performance of those athletes were spectacular. The opening ceremony was also very impressive, using 1218 drones equipped with LED light and have ability to display a lot of color combinations. Those drones are controlled through an automated software program.

To create an amazing colorful illustration in the sky, starting from a bird ladder in flight, an athlete on a snowboard, till the five Interlaced Olympic rings flying on a snowy mountain. It produces a very beautiful aerial view for everyone who sees it. No wonder it made Intel earning a new Guinness World Records on the number of drones flown at the same time.

Besides the Opening and Closing ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018, Intel also has done presented hundreds of drones flying together in Coca-Cola drone light show or some other events.



As we have just seen, the illustration LED light produces very beautiful combination in such detail. One by one drone move based on its program. It is a good thing because the drones bring colorful LED lights. But, imagine if the objects carried by those drones are the dangerous stuff like bombs or illegal drugs for examples. It is very frightening to imagine thousands of drones flying over our city carrying explosives or something like that.

With a case like that drone will become a very dangerous threat!

Therefore, we need some technologies to destroy(or immobilize) the drones. As first, it used to be catch a drone by traditional was using a net but for this case it would be very troublesome catching thousands of drones just using net. We need more sophisticated technology. As a company dedicated to this field, BA SOLUTIONS wants to offer a solution. Drone jammer by BA Solutions have combined technologies to immobilize the drones: Detection, Jamming, and Hacking into a once.


13 Drone Jammer 3


It is called by AEGEIS drone series, it equipped with a telescope lens with high-resolution screen to see unwanted drones from such long distance. After unwanted drones detected, the drone jammer will immobilize it by jamming its control signal as well as the GPS signal.

To avoid the drones to fly back where it started and also to prevent the perpetrator activated the bombs via phone. Thus it will hover in the current locations until AEGEIS drone series sending a strong fake GPS signal to bring them somewhere safe. That is a brief explanation of an anti-drone by BA Solutions, you can find more detail about its technique to immobilize the drone at this link (

You might also want to check out BA SOLUTIONS’ drone jammer system official site at this link. Click here.