Counter-drone tech : A small drone can cause a million dollar problem!

A small drone worth a few hundred dollars can cause multi million dollar problems?

According to some defense related new articles big portion of military budgets are being used for developing counter-drone technologies. Some calls drones are like miniature air force. If you consider what a fleet of small drones can do, you can agree to this.



A few hundreds to thousands drones can cause multi million dollars problems
A few hundreds to thousands drones can cause multi million dollars problems


Not only military operations stand-point, counter-drone technology is very important to keep public facilities safe such as airports, power plant, or sports stadium. In military lab, they study both drone and counter-drone technology at the same time. But in the public domain, even though government perceives drones can be potentially big threats, but they don’t spend much budgets on studying counter-drone technology.


Portable Drone Jammer
Long range Drone Jammer System


That’s why we(BA SOLUTIONS) are dedicated to enhance counter-drone technology. We’ve spent a lot of time to come up with full solutions. Not just a piece where you have to find other piece from other companies. From a portable drone jammer system to a drone catcher drones. When you study counter-drone technology, you need to understand more than drones.

Vehicle type Drone Jammer system
Vehicle type Drone Jammer system

As an example, RCIED vehicle type drone jammer system needed massive power which ended up with causing huge sound from cooling the system. Not only big sound from cooling but also heat signature can make drone jammers easy target. So we came up with a solution where there is no sound nor heat from cooling powerful drone jammer systems.

In this case, the key technology that drives massive drone jammers would be effective cooling system. Check out this video.



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Custom tailored made Drone Catcher Drone with built-in drone jammer

Custom tailored drone jammer system?

What in the world does it mean by custom tailored drone jammer? Over the years, we made a variety of drone jammer systems but we also realized that one drone jammer can’t fit for all situations. Some applications might need long-range drone jammers while the other application might need a close-up range with more portability.

So we believe the best drone jammer system should be based on custom tailored for a specific situation.

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