Drone Catcher Drone: The best way to catch a flying drone

The advanced technologies of drones these days are amazingly progressive, it can do many things at an affordable price make drones turn into a stuff that most people want to have. This unmanned vehicle can carry anything to simplify the work of its user. It can help in taking pictures if equipped with a camera, it can help to send delivery if equipped with a package, it can help in agriculture field if equipped with fertilizer.

Any work can be done with the help of the drones either it is good deeds or bad deeds. Some bad news related to the drones also began to emerge, starting from a drone that brings narcotics into a prison or another drone that entered government building to steal some important data.

This kind of drones must be immobilized to prevent the dangerous situation. So to avoid undesirable things, anti-drone technologies also must to be developed by the experts. Various types of anti-drone are offered in the market. From the traditional one until the highly advanced and from kinetic options to sophisticated IT options.


A few hundreds to thousands drones can cause multi million dollars problems
A drone – a thing can help our daily life but also a threat

To destroy a drone is maybe we can simply catch and break it, but impossible to catch with the bare hand. Then comes an idea to catch drones using a net. A company has developed this type of drone-catcher, shaped like a rifle equipped with a telescope. After the unwanted drone is on the target and locked, then the net will be discharged towards the drone, caught and dropped.


  • Disclaimer : We have not seen this product in person. So we can't tell if it's working as in the video. But we hear a lot of this type of products through various media.

We tried to catch the drone exactly the same way, but it was not as easy as we thought. Fast-moving drones make it even harder to catch, moreover if on that day the weather is windy, the drone becomes more difficult to catch. You can read this full story here (https://roaringengine.com/2018/06/13/drone-catcher-drone-anti-drone-technology/)


Custom tailored made Drone Catcher Drone with built-in drone jammer
Drone-catcher built-in with drone jammer by BA Solutions


If the problem is a drone that moves too fast, then we from BA Solutions comes up with the idea of stopping the drone movement by jamming its signal. We developed a drone-catcher built-in with drone jammer! Our drone-catcher can jam unwanted drone in a specific range, then shooting a net with high precision easily. It is a drone shape rather than a rifle shape, making our drone-catcher will easily follow and catch the unwanted drone.

Check out this video, then you would have the idea how effective it becomes to catch drones after jamming it.



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