Drone jammer, drone catcher drones with battery time issue.

Is your drone flying long enough? If drones are for fun, 20 minutes or so time might not be big of a deal. But if it’s for industrial purposes such as fertilizer, it could be a big problem. Imagine you need a big battery lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, then the drone has to return to ground for replacing a battery until it finishes large farm field??? Something doesn’t sound right.




Now let’s take a drone catcher drone into consideration. If a drone catcher drone catches one drone, then you need new drone catcher to catch another unwanted drone only because of battery time. This will definitely cripple drone jamming and catching missions.


Drone Catcher Drone
Drone Catcher Drone

BA SOLUTIONS has done extensive research on this topic for long, and we should be able to find a solution to this in the near future.

We believe a battery for mission critical projects such as drone catcher drones should meet these requirements.

(1) Quick charge

(2) Single charge should last more than a half hour to an hour

(3) Industrial temperature requirement. (Normally if the temperature drops below zero celsius, battery life gets shorter and shorter. – 20 C, your drone might not be able to fly much.)

A Battery is a critical component in mission critical systems such as Drone Jammer
A Battery is a critical component in mission critical systems such as Drone Jammer


BA SOLUTIONS is trying to innovate technologies not only its core technology but also its components technology. What good is a drone catcher drone with battery time limit in mission critical projects?


Cooling system, drone jammer system
Custom cooling system, drone jammer system under work

As an example, we had to invent new cooling system for vehicle type high performance drone jammer system. If it produces high heat with loud noise to cool it down, it’s not much use in any military operation. So we had to come up with no sound with high performance cooling system for vehicle drone jammer system.

If you run into similar problems, and if your in-house engineering couldn’t solve the problem, BA SOLUTIONS could provide a custom solution for you!

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