Effects of the Carbon Sludges in your Diesel Car

All the component parts of the engine are like our body. It is interconnected between one part with the other. Let’s say our hands are injured, other body parts like eyes will cry over the wound. The wound also will affect the whole-body function. Our activities become uncomfortable, it might affect our performance in a day.  So does the diesel engine. Every part of the engine is important. One component has a problem, it will affect all the vehicle’s performance.


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All the component parts of the diesel engine


Let’s take an example on one component: intake manifold. An engine component that has a function in distributing the air into the combustion chamber. Without this part, the air (oxygen) will not reach the combustion chamber, then the fuel burning process will not happen. To reach the best flow rate of air, the intake manifold cylinder should be clean and empty. But that is a rare condition for old cars, every time the engine is started the oil temperature will rise and oil steam will be formed. This oil steam will go through and accumulate in the intake manifold area. This accumulation is usually called by Carbon Sludges. Carbon sludges directly can block the air that is going through the combustion chamber. It will bring really bad effects to our diesel engine. Some of the following engine performance will be disrupted by the presence of carbon sludges:

  1. More fuel consumption: the lack of air in the combustion chamber will make the fuel burning become incomplete. Some fuel will not be converted into energy. Therefore, to reach same distance it will need more fuel.
  2. The engine becomes slow to start: the bad air distribution will interfere formation of compressed air which has high temperature and pressure. This compressed air is used to push the piston. So the piston movement will take more time than it usually does.
  3. Produces more harm pollutants: The carbon sludge also can clog the EGR cooler. The closed EGR cooler will cause more NOx formed. The incomplete combustion also produces carbon monoxide (CO) instead of carbon dioxide (CO2). NOx and CO are the harm gas pollutants which can irritate our respiratory system.
  4. Incomplete combustion will eventually lead to a major breakdown, the car performance will go down, and its reduce vehicle lifetime.


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Carbon sludges buildup


To avoid these things, we need to clean up the intake manifold from carbon sludges. I will introduce a way to clean it in the easiest way. By using a product called D Clean from BA SOLUTIONS, you can clean the carbon sludges without disassembling the engine parts. Just by installing it in a certain section. D Clean consists of 3 components: cleanser liquid with its storage tank, adapter, and control system. The control system will automatically discharge the cleanser liquid when the vehicle is driving. In addition, to prevent the accumulation, D Clean also can remove the existing accumulated carbon sludges. Another good news is D Clean also can completely clean the intake line (including the EGR cooler) so these above things can fully avoid.


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After maintaining every part your diesel engine, prepare to get the best performance of your car!

By maintaining every part of the diesel engine, the performance of the diesel car is always like the new one. Check this link to get know more about D-Clean installation in your diesel car (https://roaringengine.com/2018/01/17/clean-diesel-car-performance-d-clean-installation/)