Men are attracted to gadgets like automobile, audio and camera

When I was young, I heard an adult man saying that men don’t grow old. I couldn’t understand what it meant at the time. But (unfortunately) I do understand now. Of course, when I had to survive. None of these mattered. I just had to work. Now, when I am more like established or stable in terms of income, I started looking for stuffs. You know, gadgets.


Start with Apple gadgets


My first path was Apple gadgets. MacBook was a minor start. Then it led to Apple phones, tablets and on and on. Unfortunately Apple made more stuff like Apple AirPods (earphone) and watch. At first I was busy justifying my purchase, in other words I had to find reasons why I needed newer models. But now I have to admit that I don’t need them at all. I just want them.




Apple Fanatics like me get excited about Apple keynote speech.
Apple Fanatics like me get excited about Apple keynote speech.


Have you seen Apple’s commercials? They don’t say anything about the features. They simply show how people’s lifestyle can change thanks to Apple devices. This definitely inspired me. Not only I got obsessed with apple gadgets, but also I followed lifestyle’s Apple commercials showed me.

To my surprise, I met several more people who went through the same path like me. And it’s no wonder often times, we share the same interests.


Leica M Monochrom – Digital Camera supports only Black and White photos


Leica M10, Leica M Monochrom side by side


There is another thing like Apple. “Leica” Can you imagine digital camera that makes black and white photography only while worth even more than color digital camera where you can take both black and white and color photography? Yes, this is what Leica did. Leica M Monochrom body can take only black and white photography. If Canon, Nikon or Sony did this, a lot of people would think they are gone crazy. But when Leica did it, people got more excited about it. Why?

If a thing became a lifestyle, you don’t question its features or price that much. Instead, you would focus more on the value or meanings it can possess.


Mini Cooper D
Mini Cooper D


Yes, yes, I know. I happen to be attracted to all sorts. At this point, you would also understand that “Men don’t grow old.” Maybe Lego toys are replaced by another form factors. But somehow, my path with gadgets are more about its meaning to my lifestyle as opposed to affordable price nor its features.

Mini Cooper means to me as a minimal life. I try to get rid of the things I don’t need in my life including unnecessary space. Yet, I pursue fun and speedy driving. Mini Cooper is a very small car with high fuel efficiency yet very powerful fun car which is perfect for my need.




kinfolk, lifestyle
There are more magazines like Kinfolk about lifestyle. People are more interested in lifestyle than the product itself

Somehow, you come across people like you and get surprised by the fact that they also have the similar gadgets like you. As an example, someone who likes Apple gadgets tend to like minimal life, and chances are they drive Mini Cooper or similar fuel efficient cars (usually BMW for some reason).

In many occasions, I met someone who share the same interests driving a similar car with apple iPhone and like Leica Camera possibly own a few models. Coincidence? Maybe! But I don’t think so. If you pursue a certain lifestyle, you end up doing a similar things whether you are aware of it or not.


What’s your lifestyle?