Drones Usage in the Military Service (History of drones)

What do you think if you heard a word “drone”? Maybe a simple function came across in your mind. Maybe a device that helps take beautiful aerial photos or a device for the delivering packages. Anything we usually find drone usage in everyday life. An interesting fact is, the very first drone was created not for that kind of function, but to reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeted attacks!


15 4k drone 2


Let’s look at the History of the Drones little bit. The very first drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) concept appeared in 1849 before World War I. At that time, Austria first launched UAV in form of balloons. This concept of an aircraft with no pilot or passengers was created to make strategy attack. The strategy attack sometimes too dangerous or impossible to do by the soldier, then drones help to replace their jobs. Here the brief of drone usage in the military service according to history:

  1. In 1917: the US Army started produces the aerial torpedoes. It is called by Kettering Bug. It launched by catapult or flown using radio control. It was flown successfully in several tests but, the war ended before it could be used. Also this year, British Army Forces use the drones to capture sky view maps of the German trench fortifications.
  2. In the early stages of World War II, 1935: British Army produces radio-controlled aircraft which is used as a target shooting practice. It is called by DH.82B Queen Bee. In this year too, the United States Army also produces the same type of aircraft called the Radioplane OQ2.
  3. Vietnam war, 1959: the first drone for the reconnaissance was deployed. It also serves as acting as bait in combat, launching missiles against targets and dropping leaflets for physiological operations.
  4. A long short story, this unmanned aircraft continues to develop. In 2014, CIA organization close to 400 drone strikes cases in Pakistan that killed more than 3000 peoples. The terror attack also happens in the United States, 9/11. Since that incident, they significantly increased its drones uses for surveillance in areas and terrains where the army are unable to safely go.


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Long range Drone Jammer System
Long range Drone Jammer System
A drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer


The usage of drones in this military service is crucial, it can be used to fight or defend against enemy attacks. But we also must think smartly to fight back the drones that might attack our country. Another technology is needed. Anti-drone technology(also known as counter drone technology) is equally important.

BA SOLUTIONS, a company dedicated to this field, is developing an anti-drone technology called Drone Jammer AEGEIS series. This drone series can immobilize any unwanted drones. Here is how it works: whenever the unwanted drone is coming, AEGEIS drone series will jam its control signal together with the GPS signal. To avoid perpetrators tracking on their drones and to prevent some activated bombs via phone. After that, the unwanted drone will hover in its location(depending on drone’s configuration) then AEGEIS drone series will send strong fake GPS signal to bring it somewhere safe. Therefore we can further identify that unwanted drone. In this way, we can secure any suspected dangerous drone from our territory. If you interest with this anti-drone series, please check out BA SOLUTIONS official drone website at http://jamkor.co.kr