Is it true that diesel cars produce more air pollutants?

News about Volkswagen Scandal lately has surprised me from the first reading the title. How a big company like Volkswagen could deceive emissions testing in the United States. It said that they are using a software that can detect whether the condition of the vehicle is under an emission test or not. If so, an electronic panel will turn on to control the performance engine in such way that emissions gas released are within safe-limit range. But emit up to 40 times more NOx in real-world driving. Is that true? Is it true that diesel cars are releasing much more air pollution than gasoline car? Actually, the reality is not as black and white as you might think. Both diesel and gasoline convert chemical into mechanical power that will definitely produce the exhaust gas from burning fuel. But on the new car that produced lately, they do a lot of improvement. It is equipped with various features to achieve the environmental-friendly goals.


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Generally, the new diesel car has the pollutant-control feature called DPF and EGR. DPF (diesel particular filter) has a function to remove diesel particular matter (PM) from the exhaust gas. This carbonaceous PM is dangerous for our health because it can penetrate deep into the lungs, causing irritation and triggering asthma attacks. In certain conditions, such as cold weather gasoline engine cannot reduce its PM emission because its catalytic converter cannot work optimally. Studies have found that gasoline car emits 10 more times PM at 22 degrees Celsius and 62 times more at -7 degrees Celsius than a diesel car. While EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) is a pollutant-control feature that has a function to do reduction technique of NOx emission.


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The diesel engine also has a fuel-air ratio lower than gasoline does. It not only makes it fuel-efficient but also emit less carbon dioxide (CO2). Although in the human body CO2 is not dangerous molecules it one of the greenhouse gases that can increase the global warming effects.


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Carbon sludges accumulation


Although all the function will be very optimum if the diesel engine stays in the clean condition. One thing that hinders the pollutant-control function is carbon sludge. Carbon sludge accumulation in the intake manifold area will increase the air pollutant causes by a diesel engine. When the intake manifold area blocked from something, the air will hardly enter the combustion chamber. Less emission of CO2 will not happen, also carbon monoxide (CO) production will be more formed due to the incomplete combustion. Therefore, to avoid more air pollutant is formed we have to clean the engine from carbon sludges accumulation.


Three key components of D-Clean product
Three key components of D-Clean product

There is an effective way that can clean automatically even before the carbon sludges is formed. By using a cleaning liquid from BA SOLUTIONS, called D Clean. Together with other devices installed inside the engine. The installation also very easy, it takes only 15 minutes. If you are interested with D Clean installation you can read this article