Most effective drone jammer System -drone catcher drones

There are a number of drone jammer systems. Some are portable, some are used in fixed locations. But there is one thing in common across all drone jammer systems. They can’t fly. In others words, if you can’t shoot or destroy unwanted flying drones, via jamming it, you must wait for some time to take care of it. However, if you had flying drone jammers, it would be different.


Portable Drone Jammer by BA SOLUTIONS
Portable Drone Jammer by BA SOLUTIONS


So we created a flying drone jammer drone. It has a built-in drone jammer with nets for catching unwanted drones while flying. Some might say, why we do need a drone jammer system in drone catcher drones. At first we thought so, too. But soon we realized that it’s extremely difficult to shoot flying drones when we can’t predict its movements in real-time. Even if we have software assistance for shooting the target, some small drones are quite vulnerable to strong wind.

Drone catcher drones should be used in mission critical situations, so missing targets are not accepted.


A drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer
A drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer system


Another big benefit of using drone catcher drones is one can reduce manpower substantially. Normally, one needs to dispatch a person to the target location who will then need to point a drone jammer in a proper direction once it’s detected. Then if you need to immobilize it quickly, you need another person to take down the drone. If you spot one unwanted drone, maybe two people would suffice, but what if there are multiple unwanted drones. Two people per one unwanted drone? This is not so logical choice.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.23.16 AM


However, having multiple drone catcher drones will resolve this issue. Also pilots can fly there from off sites, so one can save time of dispatching a real person to a location. Therefore, you get reduced manpower and faster response time by having drone catcher drones.




Often times, I see people with drone flying hobby. Mostly they do it for fun or taking video clips of beautiful scenes. I asked them what they want drone companies to improve the most. 9 out of 10 answered “longer battery time”. Normally, drones can fly somewhere between 10 to 24 minutes depending on wind conditions and camera usage. Charging battery takes a lot of time, so normally people purchase additional batteries. If you’re heavy drone users, typically you need three batteries at least.

Yet, your limitation is you must replace the battery when it drains out. (Unless someone develops a way to replace it over the air! )





This is fine when flying drones are just for fun. But what if you use drones like drone catcher drones in mission critical projects. 20 minutes battery time limitation seems a bit setback. Of course, you can build custom drones with more battery capacity. But this means, it will be heavier which factor eats up more battery eventually.

Also when air temperature gets lower than minus Celsius or too hot, battery time gets substantially shortened. In – 10 celsius or lower, battery won’t last longer than 5 minutes or so (normally would last 20 minutes or more).


Drone battery capacity is pretty much the same across all drones available in the marketplace.


We believe without resolving battery issue, drone catcher drones will be crippled. So we are doing our best to come up with a new battery solution which will double or triple battery time with faster charging time.  Also it wouldn’t be affected much by low or high air temperature.

If you follow us, we will keep you informed about this revolutionary drone catcher drone product release!

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