DIY drone jammers system, low cost yet low performance and illegal why?

These days drones are getting more popular. These unmanned planes become popular because it can be controlled remotely, and it can be equipped with anything we want. If we see in the market, there are various types of drones with different functions.

Generally, drones are very useful for taking photos and videos from any direction. If it is equipped with a high-quality camera, the images will be very detail and amazing. Drones can be used by all community. Unfortunately, it also can be used by the terrorists with bad intentions that will break our privacy, even as a surveillance camera, transport drugs, weapons, and bombs.

So, it becomes important to stop the unwanted drones flying freely. The best way to immobilize drone is using a Drone Jammers. This drone jammers commonly called as signal blockers can block and interfere with the unwanted drones radio communications signals.


An example of drone jammers

Drone jammers also available on the market with many variations. The simple one, unwanted drones will fall to the ground when hit by drone jammers and shot by guns when it’s jammed. The other will return home or hover to the ground by drone jammers. It will have no collateral damage result from the drones falling from the sky. There is also another interesting drone jammers: DIY (do-it-yourself) drone jammers type. This type also already available a lot in the market. DIY drone jammers become preferred because DIY drone jammer does not need much equipment so much cheaper than professional-built drone jammer. It just needs a cheap microcomputer Raspberry Pi, better coding skills, and some other easily found materials. Though it is cheap, be careful the DIY drone jammer choices. It is not only not practical in real life usage but also it is illegal. DIY drone jammers do not have permission to be used freely and legally.

23 DIY drone jammers
A screenshot of Jammer Enforcement from


Although basically drone jammers are illegal in the United States or some other countries, companies that work specifically in the drone jammers field will have authorized permission. Are you curious why jammers are forbidden in most countries? Because it can block the GPS, cellular communication, and Wi-Fi signals. A security researcher reveals the usage of jammer used by the general society: a trucker trying to avoid paying highway tolls, an employee blocking their boss from tracking their car, or a high school kid using them to fly a drone in a restricted area. It will be more dangerous if that jammer disturbs government communications or other important institutions. So, the sale and use of jammers is a federal crime except for authorized organization which can own drone jammer system.


A Battery is a critical component in mission critical systems such as Drone Jammer
A long-range drone jammers system by BA Solutions


Besides being illegal, the use of DIY drone jammers is also not so effective. Some types of drones need specific handling and tailored to your individual needs. Drone jammers need to be in multiform factors so one form factor cannot fit for all anti-drone situations.

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