Enhance Diesel Engine Truck for faster delivery performance

During my stay in South Korea, I felt that Korea has a very well-defined domestic delivery service. Every delivery companies here offer to provide their best service. They do fast delivery at an affordable price which makes people happy to use their services constantly. Koreans also have excellent online shop systems too. It makes it easy for me to shop, I was used to be limited by the stores in my hometown and their selection. Now I can shop from almost anywhere and get almost anything.

Everything is delivered in a short period of time (some even offer same-day delivery) making the ordered food keep fresh. With all the conveniences like that, no wonder if more and more people prefer to shop online rather than offline shopping. From here, the sequence is predictable. More shipping means more distribution vehicles. Diesel trucks are necessary tools in this moving business because this types of vehicle can carry lots of stuff and are certainly powerful for the long journey.


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Typical of diesel trucks


Diesel trucks have served transportation for over 50 years because of their durability, reliability, and fuel economy. But still, it also participates air pollutions in our environment. Diesel trucks exhaust more particulate matter which can be a threat to public health. Other than that, diesel emission also contains black carbon, a particle of soot composed of carbon that is a major contributor to climate change. If you are using an old car type that has been operating for 15 to 20 years, the pollution released will be worse.


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An accumulation of carbon sludges


Coupled with the driver habits that usually let the engine turn on while they deliver the goods. Idle diesel engine for a long period of time is potentially bad. At idle there is more fuel being injected into the cylinders than is being burned. The unburned fuel will make troubled for it to washes away by motor oil lubricating between the piston and cylinder walls. The lack of lubrication causes premature wear in the cylinder, loss off compression, and eventually engine failure. Other bad driver habits are doing the fast acceleration to speed up the delivery, but it will have a bad impact on the engine by building carbon sludges in the intake manifold area.


D Clean product
3 components of D Clean

The best way to reduce its pollution, prevent damage to the diesel engine is to keep it clean. One of the main problem sources of those matters is an accumulation of the carbon sludges in the diesel trucks engine. Carbon sludges can cause the diesel engine to produce more pollutants, the engine becomes slow to start, decrease its performance in overall. Therefore there is an effective way that can clean automatically even before the carbon sludges is formed.

By using a cleaner liquid from BA SOLUTIONS which is called D Clean. It consists of 3 components: cleanser liquid with its storage tank, adapter, and control system. The control system will automatically discharge the cleanser liquid when the vehicle is driving.

If you are interested with D Clean installation you can read this article https://roaringengine.com/2018/01/17/clean-diesel-car-performance-d-clean-installation/