A long distance drone jammer with most effective water cooling system

If you’re in the industry where you have to use a drone jammer, you would understand that there are multiple variables to overcome in order to make the best use of drone jammer system. First off, “HEAT” can be a big issue in hot area such as Middle East. Typically a long range drone jammer uses extensive resources which lead to emit more “heat”. When electrical components are overheated, it won’t operate at all. This is why noisy cooling system plays a big role in a long range drone jammer.


Backpack type long range drone jammer - BA SOLUTIONS
Backpack type long range drone jammer – BA SOLUTIONS


The problem with cooling system is that it will drain more power source on top of a long range drone jammer system. So it will shorten mission time. Second problem is that air cooling system requires a fan. Fan produces high noise just like the air conditioner requires an external fan.

Loud noise in combination with high heat and quick power drain!

Maybe I don’t have to explain all the details what would happen if you have these problems with a long range drone jammers especially installed at vehicle for mobility.


Vehicle type drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS
Vehicle type drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS


We wanted to overcome these problems. So after much thoughts and experiments. We came up with an idea to make a quiet and effective cooling system based long range drone jammer system. In fact, it’s not a brand new idea. Cooling a large data center or super computer via liquid(water) has been in use for long. We only needed to make a right liquid cooling system design for our long range drone jammers. To the contrary to our expectations, we had to go through a lot of trials and errors but eventually we made it. The cooling performance is so good, sometimes we almost freeze drone jammers. So we literally have to try not to cool it too much!


Check out BA SOLUTIONS cooling performance video





The above photos are taken right before we ship the drone jammer system vehicle to our overseas military customer. Not only it has a quiet and effective system for cooling drone jammers but also it gets the power source from a car internal electric generator, so you don’t have to worry about power drain issue as long as you keep your car engine running.


Due to high cooling performance, frost on the surface.


According to our customers testimonials in Middle East, they suffered from both high heat and loud noise from a drone jammer vehicle. Due to high heat, the system was shut down from time to time, so they couldn’t rely on the drone jammer.


If a drone jammer doesn’t operate due to high heat, how can you rely on it for a mission critical situation? We’ve though through this and propose AEGIS-JAMMER series product that you can rely on even in extremely hot weather.

Should you be interested in this technology, please check out our drone jammer official web site at this link.