Misconceptions about drone jammer systems

There are many types of the drones based on its shapes, sizes, characteristics, and utility offered in the market. Most drones have high-resolution cameras that can invade our privacy. Some people also using the drones to carry narcotics into the prison. Even more, a terrorist can use the drone to bring their bombs to the destination area. For those reasons, anti-drone technology is needed to be developed. Drone jammer is the most significant anti-drone weapons because it does not damage the unwanted drones. Which in the future will be used as evidence or other security procedures.


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Drone jammers is a device that can disrupt an unwanted drone by blasting electromagnetic noise at radio frequencies that drone operate. Generally, it is either 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz which mean it will not interfere with manned aircraft, cell phone, public broadcast, or other dedicated radio bands. There are some important things that may be become misconceptions for several people about these drone jammers system, such as:

  1. After jamming, the unwanted drones will automatically fall to the ground

When an unwanted drone is hit with a jammer’s signal, it usually returns back to its original point or hovers until its battery runs out. In many cases, it is rare drone was set to fall to the ground by the owner. It will cause collateral damage result from the drone falling from the sky.


drone jammer
Usually when a drone is jammed by drone jammer, it will hover until the battery is over.


  1. Drone jammers can hack a drone control system (Take Control)

Currently, drones are created with a variety of different specifications. It is very difficult to hack them all in the right way. Maybe in some way, it can hack one drone, but it cannot be used for another drone. Hacking all drones in the market is practically impossible and pointless (the moment one drone is hacked, the manufacturer will change its core to prevent it.)


  1. The effective range

There are no precise numbers that can describe the effective time range of drone jammers. The exact answer will depend on the following aspects:

  • The specific unwanted drone model. It will define the frequency band used, output power, and antenna gain.
  • The heights of the antenna of each element (unwanted drone’s antenna, operator’s remote-control antenna, and jammer’s antenna)


drone jammer
BA SOLUTIONS a long range drone jammer, vehicle type


  1. Legality of drone jammers

Jammers are generally restricted for use in many countries except for the military, police, and security. It is important to look into your drone jammers company that they have authorized permission. Also, pay attention to the laws and regulations of your country before operating it.


Backpack type long range drone jammer - BA SOLUTIONS
Backpack type long-range drone jammer – BA SOLUTIONS


There are dozens of drone jammers available to the public, but again be careful in choosing your drone jammers. Even it is hard to find the best drone jammers system, BA Solution company offers a drone jammers system that not falling to the ground, have legality authorized permission, and long-range drone jammers. You can visit BA Solutions officially website at http://jamkor.co.kr/