Enjoying the summer vacation by eating cool Naengmyeon and go to the Beach

I was born and raised in a tropical country, which only has 2 seasons: sunny and rainy. I like both seasons. It does not bother me to do my daily activity because there is no significant temperature difference there. But somehow it makes me never understand the meaning of ‘nice weather’.

Since living in South Korea, it is no longer like that. I have felt the extremely cold temperature when the winter peak also extremely hot when the summer peak. Here, I always see the weather forecast before going out. I start appreciating when the weather is nice when I can play comfortably in the park or just take a walk enjoying the morning air. Living in a new place indeed can make us learn and accept the new culture, including weather difference.


Cold Noodle – Naengmyeon (with soup)
Cold Noodle - Naengmyeon (with hot sauce)
Cold Noodle – Naengmyeon (with hot sauce)


I feel that this summer in Korea is very hot, a wall of heat and humidity unlike anything that I’ve experienced before. During the day, the temperature can reach 38 degrees Celsius. The best way to deal with it is to eat and drink something cold. I really like Cold Noodle (Naengmyeon) and Korean shaved ice desert (Pat Bingsu). When I tried to eat Naengmyeon for the first time, the first expression was “this is a strange meal”. In my country, all food served in warm conditions. But in the second time, third time, I like it. It tasted fresh and gives a different sensation.

Other things besides food that must be enjoyed during the summer vacation is to go to the beach. Enjoying the fresh breeze of the beach, the crashing of the waves, playing with water, is the best choice to overcome the heat.


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Sunset at the Daecheon Beach

Several weeks ago, I and my friends were going to the Daecheon Beach. Daecheon Beach is famous because every year the Boryeong Mud Festival is held, which attracts international tourist to visit this place. Unfortunately, we did not come during the festival.


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He is so happy playing sand

This trip was carried out suddenly, without planning just because one of our friends was bored in the middle of her weekend. We are going by car for about two hours journey. After arriving there, we headed straight to the beach where the sun was about to sink. The sunset was amazing, I was suitably impressed. We enjoyed the beautiful sunset while played sand and talked much with each other.


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A photo of me and my husband enjoying the sunset


After exploring the beach and its surrounding, we decided to take a dinner. Seafood can be found easily here, there is an abundance of dishes from the sea along the main streets of this resort town. When we walked to the parking lot to go home, we find a small game center and decided to try to release our stress. It is very fun to spend time with the loved ones coupled with the beautiful sunset on the beach is a perfect way to end the day.