Invincible ‘drone catcher’ drone over LTE network

If you look up “drone catcher” keywords, you will see a number of ways to take down illegal drones. Of course, the most effective way is to shoot it down. However, if drones carry explosives, this scenario should not be used. Also if drones are flying in civilian areas (public area) shooting a gun is not an option either. So people started using the idea of firing nets toward illegal drones.




Using low tech to deal with high tech? Some say that firing nets is very low technology which may not be effective to deal with high tech drones. This may be true. Because, basically it’s hard to shoot nets to moving fast targets. So we’ve decided to add drone jammer system in the drone catcher drone. This enables drone catcher drone to immobilize illegal drones. So now low tech nets can deal with high tech drones.

Using nets to take down illegal drones, check out this article for more.



However, there is one more problem. If a “drone catcher” drone uses a similar RF frequencies that illegal drones are using, when we use a jamming signal, it might hurt itself. Even if we use different RF frequencies, there is a risk. So we designed our “drone catcher” drone to use LTE network. The benefit of using LTE network is we can operate drones from a long distance as long as there is LTE network coverage.


'Drone Catcher' Drone prototype - BA SOLUTIONS
‘Drone Catcher’ Drone prototype – BA SOLUTIONS


This ‘drone catcher’ drone is the prototype of the final product. So appearance might look different in the final version. However, all functions are ready to use. Since we can use built-in drone jammers to immobilize illegal drones. We can take care of multiple unwanted drones.A ‘Drone Catcher” drone pilot will have the assistance from the software for locking on the target. So jamming and shooting nets to illegal drones are rather easy to use.


Drone Battery
Will two batteries be enough for your mission critical project?

The last piece of the puzzle would be the battery. We are exploring a non lithium-ion battery technology. Lithium-ion battery is what most drones are using. But it has low capacity. Typically popular drones like DJI can only fly up to 20 ~ 25 minutes for a single full charge. ‘Drone Catcher” drones are much heavier than a regular drone, so it uses a battery with more capacity but due to heavy weight it can’t fly much longer than a regular drone.

When we finish our lab testing with a new battery technology, we will introduce BA SOLUTIONS’ invincible ‘drone catcher’ drone through this blog post.