Various types of Drone Catcher (Drone)

These days bad news about the drone usage start to spread. More people are using the drones for bad actions. Now the drones are not only helping our everyday life but it also becomes a real threat. It became important to know the development of technologies that can be used to take down the unwanted drones. Several technologies for anti-drone have been developed. One that is famous is Drone Jammer, that can immobilize the unwanted drone by interfering with its control(and GPS) signal. But using a drone jammer means we have to wait until the drone’s battery completely out before it can be handled.


BA SOLUTIONS Anti-drone testing field
BA SOLUTIONS Anti-drone testing field


Another well-known anti-drone technology is the Drone Catcher(Drone). It can capture unwanted drones directly thus it will prevent drones from being damaged by falling to the ground. To catch the drone is maybe we can simply take and break it, but impossible to catch with the bare hand. Then comes an idea to catch a drone using nets. Combine a simple technique into a drone catcher solution. Here are several types of drone catcher which available on the market:

  1. SkyWall

It shaped like a rifle equipped with a telescope. After an unwanted drone is on target and locked then a net will fire toward the drone. It has a parachute also to avoid damage to the drones when it falls.(

  1. NetGun

A small device with two types of capture net depends on the user. The type 1: mesh net provides with a protective barrier wall while type 2: spider net is an attempt the direct capture of unwanted drones. (

  1. DIY Drone Catcher

This homemade drone catcher is made from two bottles of oxygen that have pressure up to 150 bars. Then arranged in such way by using a car’s wheel valve and an indicative clock of air pressure. Last, a net with four bullets on it is inserted. When this device is used to shoot the unwanted drones, the bullets are released first with the power to catch that drones. (

Actually, the above drone catcher basically has the same principle. Catch the unwanted drone that flies from on the ground-device. We tried to catch the drone exactly the same way, but it was not as easy as we thought. Fast-moving drones make it even harder to catch, moreover if the weather is windy, the drone becomes more difficult to catch.

  1. SideArm Prototype by DARPA

The SideArm uses a hook to snag the back of the incoming drone, which is then slowed as it slides along a rail. Once it is being slowed by the slider, the drone is brought to complete stop by a small net. (

  1. Drone catcher drone by Japanese police

Drone is being assembled with a net were flown to be catch other drones that were thought to be dangerous. After being caught, the unwanted drone was attached to the net then bring to the ground. (

This technique is the proper way, capturing drones from above using another drone. But it requires very high drone control skills which not everyone can like that.


From low end to high end drones, any drone can be used by terrorists will be potential threats.


There is one thing in common among these drone catcher(drone) products. Its goal is to catch a drone as opposed to destroy it. Destroying illegal drones on site would be the easiest solution. But what if debris from destroyed drone causes another casualty? Or even worse, what if illegal drones had bombs attached.

So catching a drone is its common goal. But what’s missing in most drone catcher products is how to catch a drone rather with high precision. In reality, catching a fast moving drones from a distance is really tough task.

That’s why BA SOLUTIONS introduced a drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammers. Jamming to immobilize illegal drones first, then catching them with nets are quite feasible idea.

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You could also find our drone catcher drone in action through this video.