BMW 320D D Clean user testimonial – Smooth like a new car

It seems like BMW car owners like D Clean a lot. Once they hear its performance from peer BMW owners, they want to try it. It’s not definitive but there is driver’s preference over choosing a new car. Whomever likes to drive a fun car opposed to a comfortable car tends to like BMW over other car brands. Mr. Joon-Young, Hong falls into this category. He needs to commute for long distance everyday, but he enjoys it to some extend as he likes both performance and fun driving.

D Clean, BMW 320D
D Clean user Mr. Joon-young, Hong explains components of D Clean.

The best way to keep your car at its best condition.

Mr. Hong said,

is to replace engine oil and other necessary replacement before its time is up.

As he runs automobile mechanics shop, he took great care of his car. When he meets a customer who complains that “I hear loud noise from the engine and my car got clumsy lately.”, he advised him or her to ride Mr. Hong’s car. Then they all got very surprised how smooth Mr. Hong’s BMW 320D is. In fact, he’s driven his BMW 320D over five years and he used a lot of miles for commuting long distance everyday for work. But his car is a lot smoother than most customer’s car of the similar condition.

D Clean in front of intake manifold

“Song-ie” his dog has been his partner since he opened his shop years ago. Song-ie has been well trained, so she kept good company for all visitors while Mr. Hong did his job. They seem like a best partner to each other. When I had an internet with Mr. Hong, Song-ie sat beside me wagging her tail as if she understood our conversation.

A few months ago, I took photos of installation of D Clean to his car. So I wondered how he felt about his car since then. Mr. Hong said,

after D Clean, I felt my car moves smooth like a new car. Surprisingly I still feel the same.

Song-ie will greet you.
Song-ie will greet you.

With most fuel additive products, the effect (if you ever felt it) doesn’t last long, but with D Clean one can feel its performance change for long period of time. (Then got used to its feeling but the effects are still intact.)

Mr. Song wants to promote D Clean to all diesel car owners especially with BMW owners, but he is concerned that BMW official service center sometimes doesn’t warrant a car if there is third party solution installed. However, D Clean isn’t relying on engine’s feature. It’s rather working independently. So he hopes that BMW service center can make sense out of it.

  • You will find more about regarding BMW service center regulation at this article. (BMW catching a fire story.)


Mr. Hong engages with various BMW and Mini Cooper online community groups. Sometimes, he sees a debate among users about a certain topic but it turns out one can avoid this debate by reading owners manual for a few times. Likewise, if you read it carefully, you would keep your car at its best condition. On top of this, regular carbon sludge cleanup (or alternatively installing D Clean) would definitely help more.

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