Best parking spots in Seoul to visit hot places

Driving gives you freedom of visiting anywhere. Especially when you are visiting some place or living a foreign country over a certain period of time. This would be more so. However driving in a major city such as New York city and Seoul may not be such a good idea for two reasons. First off, you might expect heavy traffic. Secondly, even if you manage to avoid or get through the traffic, parking might be very challenging. Since I love my car and I also happen to get around for finding photo opportunities over the years, I learned valuable information about where to park. (Not a street parking where someone might make a scratch on your previous car but decent parking lots.)


I go round various places to find good photo opportunities.
I go round various places to find good photo opportunities.


During week days, by avoiding commuting hours, you can comparatively get to anywhere without bumping into serious traffic. However on weekend, you should plan your day as early as possible. For example if you want to visit North of Seoul area which is around the King’s palace area, you need to be there at least by 10:30 am or so. If you arrive there near lunch time or over the lunch time, you’re dead! (Waiting, and waiting…)


Rush hour in Seoul
Rush hour in Seoul


Good place for a walk and nice food.

Who wouldn’t want to have a nice food and check out beautiful places. So there is always a problem with a parking near such places. However, if you search more, you could find decent parking lots with less competition. (Someone people assume a certain place should be way too expensive, so they avoid such places as their first choice of parking.)

If I need to visit Samchungdong area or Seochon village which became more popular than other places nearby. ( I park at Seoul national museum. (


Seoul National Museum


They have a very large underground parking with surveillance cameras operating 24/7. From here walking through the King’s palace, you could reach Seochon village within 20 minutes or so. Since walls of the palace is pretty, you might get opportunities for taking photos of you, friends or family.

You could also walk to Bukchon Hanok Village where you could see traditional houses and enjoy various traditional food including teas.  By walking further away from Seoul national museum, you could reach Insa-dong.

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Itaewon street
Itaewon street

Are you a party person? If you are, Itaewon might be interesting place for you. ( It used to be near U.S. military base was. But since U.S. military base moved to other place, it became very hot party places. Of course, where people are gathered it’s touch to find a good parking place. Surprisingly one subway stop before Itaewon, you could find a very nice parking place.

Near Hangangjin station (one stop before Itaewon station), there is a public parking (very large yet not many people use) place. In fact, there are more interesting places near Hangangjin than Itaewon places lately, so you might want to visit here anyway.

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Night view in Itaewon

At last, Han river is always a best place to visit, especially at night. A lot of bridges in Han river will be lit up brightly at night, so it’s like Disney land to those who like to take photos due to beautiful lights.

There area a lot of beautiful Han River spots, but I’d like to advise you to check out Sevit Island (man made island

If you’re lucky, you could even a see water show at Banpo bridge.  (

If you’re a bicycle rider, you could even carry your bicycle to Han river, there is a bicycle dedicated lane. So by parking your car at Sevit Island, from there you could enjoy riding along the river.  (


Banpo bridge water show
Sevit Island


Hot and humid summer seems finally over, it’s time to enjoy driving!