Drone technology and its usage


The latest shocking news came from DJI which finally officially released two new drones: Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. The update is focused on their camera specifications. It became the first drone to be integrated with Swedish class medium-format camera manufacturers, Hasselblad. On the Mavic Pro 2, Hasselblad helped build a shooter that uses a 20-megapixel quality 1-inch sensor, carries a lens, and photo optimization system.

This also includes neat 4K quality recording for professional video creation with big details. Meanwhile, the Mavic 2 Zoom uses a ½.3-inch sensor with 12-megapixel quality. DJI claims this series is the first foldable drone that has 24-48 mm optical zoom capability. Both the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom feature Hyper-lapse to create time-lapse videos that are capable of being flown into the air. An interesting fact in drones technology development.



The use of drone nowadays is not only limited to taking beautiful photos and videos as mentioned above but also to help our daily lives. For examples:

  1. Shipping and delivery: Amazon company is now developing drone technology for its good delivery systems. The ordered items will be placed on the drone then flown away to the customer address.
  2. Agricultural drones: This type of drones can help farmers cultivate their land. It can water the fertilizer, monitoring the farm conditions, and calculate data to obtain the maximum yield in the real-time measure.
  3. Rescue operations and healthcare: This drone is equipped with medical supplies or food then flown to unreachable locations before the rescue team comes. With the help of thermal sensors, drones can locate the lost person and it will use in challenging terrains.
  4. Geographic mapping: Drones can be used for photographing the area aerially. The results of this aerial photo take an important rule on the topographic maps. The orthophotos and surface models obtained through drones can help the surveyors save time and quickly complete the survey for a region.
  5. Wildlife monitoring: The wild monitoring by drones hopefully can prevent the poaching, which is the main reason why animals are getting endangered these days. The footage from the aerial devices also could help to study animal behavior and analyze their patterns.


The drones, one for all our needs

Basically, the first time a drone was created it for military purposes. Therefore, its use in the military services is also diverse, it helps the army in carrying out their duties. For examples:

  1. Surveillance: Country defense will conduct routine surveys to ensure the protection of their people and places. And drones can help to strengthen a surveillance team’s ability to cover more area in less time and with higher accuracy.
  2. Bomb carrier: With a small size, drones can release missiles against targets.
  3. Air strikes: The drone can hover around suspected areas, as controlled by the defense team and it can be operated to fulfill military operations.