Supercavitating Multi Environment Ammunition (GP Bullet)

Years ago, when I see gun shooting scenes toward water in movies, I often wondered if bullets will really travel at the same or similar velocity as it was in air. Especially in the movie Italian job, one of main actors got killed in water from gun shootings. In the scene, bullets penetrated water just like air with no resistance. So I assumed it would work the same for both in water as well as in open air.(as scene was so detail)


Movie Scene


It turns out that this was totally wrong. I was totally misled by the movie scene. A general purpose bullet will be useless if it goes in water. So one needs to use a specifically designed bullet for underwater purpose. However, in this case, underwater purpose bullet won’t work the same in open air. So if you need to aim an object which is in underwater from above water, you need a multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet.


Multi Environment Ammunition
Multi Environment Ammunition from Duretek


For instance, if you spot an unwanted object under water but only way(or conveient way) to reach it is via helicopter, you must use a multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet. If you use a regular bullet it won’t penetrate water; in other words, it loses its power to destruct an unwanted object.

More importantly, not only it loses its power but also it wobbles under water as it is designed to fly through air not through water. This means you can’t hit the target with precision. You can’t rely on the luck by shooting more than necessary bullets to hit the target not to mention MEA bullets costs more than a regular bullet.


MEA bullet
This 7.62mm MEA bullet head can penetrate a tough tank.


Duretek Co., Ltd. has done extensive research about a multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet over the years. And now Duretek is able to announce the success of MEA bullet which is GP bullet. It is designed for maximum accuracy at much enhanced extended effective range than a regular bullets in the world. In addition, GP bullet offers high precision and more penetration power. (Destructive power)

GP bullet comes in many forms(types) from 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm and 12.7mm ammunitions are available. (From small caliber to larger caliber) SC/  MC / LC

Check out this video for Duretek multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet introduction



Multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet is useful when submarine is under torpedo attack. If submarine couldn’t do evasive maneuver under torpedo attack, the only way to survive from this is to destroy it from a distance. Duretek GP MEA bullet can fly fast and long distance with the same destructive power as if it was flying in the air, so Duretek’s MEA bullet can immobilize torpedo attack very effectively.

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