Why multi-environment ammunition (MEA) is needed

In the action movies, we usually see the main actor jump into the sea and getting bullets fired from the top of the cliff. Even though the actor was already in the water, the bullets were still seen swishing quickly in water. As if the bullets would be just deadly when fired on the surface.

But in fact, the standard bullets will lose the power. Based on the experiment results conducted by a Norwegian scientist, Andreas Wahl. He uses rifles and bullets that are used in the air then try to shoot it in the pool. The bullets fired into the water were only able to come out a few centimeters from the muzzle of the shotgun and fall to the bottom of the pool. The large compressive force of water has resisted the movement of the bullets. Water also has a density 800 times greater than air, which hinders the bullets from traveling far and fast. Water has more resistance and holds the bullets back before doing any damage.

MEA bullet
This MEA bullet head can penetrate a tough tank.

Unfortunately, the need for rifles and bullets is not only limited to the land. Navy soldiers still need that thing to maintain security in their area. There are many undesirable things that could happen in the sea like ship hijacking, the war between submarines, and enemy threats that can bother the society safety. The military has an obligation to provide protection to the community including fishermen, sailors, and submariners who spend much time at sea.

Therefore, we need a bullet that is able to penetrate the density of water and has the same strength as on the land. The cool thing is, that type of bullets exist. It is called Multi Environment Ammunition (MEA). The bullets that could be used for open air or underwater purposes. This bullet uses the principle of cavitation effects which create a bubbles gas inside the liquid. That can happen when water is accelerated to high speeds as when turning a sharp corner around a moving piece of metal. If the bubble is large enough, it can encompass an object traveling through the liquid, reducing the skin friction drag on the object. It enables the object will achieve very high speeds.


A company that has researched this area in depth, Duretek Co., Ltd, as successfully launched MEA bullets by name GP Bullets with high precision and more penetration power. GP bullet has a various type from 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and 12.7mm size are available as needed. With a high level of destructive power, GP bullets will be able to be used by the army and navy soldiers to maintain safety in every place.

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