Underwater bullet – True Multi Environment Ammunition(MEA)

Have you heard of TV Show MythBusters? Often times, I watch this show because not only they pick their topics interesting enough but also they prepare tests in a scientific way with the help of field experts. In one episode they posed a question, “Hiding underwater can stop bullets from hitting you.” In other words, they are going to test if water can stop a bullet that was discharged from an open air.

According to their experiments all supersonic bullets (up to 0.50 – caliber) disinterested in less than 3 feet(90cm) of water. They also tested other bullets which result in water slowed bullets speeds to non-lethal speeds.

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As we’ve covered this topic in my previous posting, bullets in the movie which was equally lethal underwater is not true. There are multiple tests like this. Some blogger shot some handguns underwater and captured the moment in video. He found that he was able to shoot a firearm underwater but a bullet did not travel very far. So most bullets can’t be lethal underwater.


Underwater Ammunition (GP Bullet)
Underwater Ammunition (GP Bullet)

What is multi environment ammunition bullet?

Multi-environment ammunition bullets (MEA bullet in short) is specially designed ammunition that enables a bullet to travel underwater just like open air. So some people say it’s a underwater bullet.

Can MEA bullet work on air?

Theoretically yes. But literally no. At least not so far. Since it’s difficult to design an ammunition to work underwater, there has been no competition in the world. In reality pretty much one company dominates underwater bullet market. However, there was one disadvantage to use underwater bullets. You can’t use it in open air.




In other words, if you need to use bullets in open air, you have to use regular bullets while if you need to use bullets underwater, you should change it to underwater dedicated bullets. Why? Underwater bullets will lose its precision in open air, even if you target a near subject, it will hit elsewhere. The longer the distance gets, bullets will miss its target with large tolerance. So in most cases, underwater bullets are useless in open air.

However, if you name an ammunition as multi-environment ammunition, it should be working both air and underwater with a same precision, and lethal power.




As far as we understand, GP bullet from Duretek is one and only true multi-environment ammunition bullets which will work both open air and underwater with equal power and precision. GP bullet won’t lose its power in open air. In fact, it becomes more powerful than a regular bullet in open air so it will serve as armor-piercing bullet(for penetrating a tank).

Since it’s designed to work underwater, it becomes underwater bullets as well however it travels much farther than its competitors with more lethal power.

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