Duretek GP multi-environment ammunition bullet introduction.

How to design multi environment ammunition with high precision, more penetration power at extended effective range?

This might be common questions for all ammunition architects. Duretek did extensive research about existing multi environment ammunition, especially focused on underwater bullets. And Duretek eventually found that there is one critical flaw with existing underwater bullets. It doesn’t have the same power as underwater. In other words, it loses its precision substantially in air therefore one can’t hit a target in open air.


A photo of a regular bullet
A photo of a regular bullet


Duretek spent substantial time in fixing this issue and make a true multi environment ammunition bullet which will work both air and underwater. Finally Duretek released an ammunition product name GP bullet.




What is GP bullet?

GP bullet is composed of high density material in the front while low density material in the rear. The surface of the GP bullet is made of ductile material which will be stuck to rifling(bore surface of a gun’s barrel). This will add more velocity in a gun’s barrel because when the center gravity is close to the center of bullet’s pressure, it will decrease yaw angle, it also minimizes heat due to less friction between bullet and rifling in a gun’s barrel.

GP bullet can reduce aerodynamic drag and increase flying stability and straightness as the yaw angle (precision) decreases with the center gravity close to the center of pressure.

Air guiding grooves significantly reduce a vortex formed in the tail of the bullet. As a result, it makes better stability when flying, increase the speed, range and destructive power of bullet (more than 30% up than regular bullet)




While Duretek fixed the issue with existing underwater bullet’s design flaw, Duretek was able to enhance its destructive power even in open air substantially (typically 30% more than regular bullets) Since GP bullet reduced air resistance and gained more stability, it travels more with more speed in other words more penetration power. This is why GP bullet serves as armor-piercing bullet(penetrating tanks)




GP bullet has a few form factors.

  • 5.56mm
  • 7.62mm
  • 9mm
  • 12.7mm

If you need a multi purposes bullet(true underwater bullet), GP bullet might be the only bullet available in the market.

Should you be interested in GP multi-environment ammunition (MEA) bullet, please contact sungjin@duretek.com

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