Supercavitating ammunition “underwater bullets”

Are you curious about how deadly a gun can be? It is a very interesting invention considering that such a small thing can have a huge impact on somebody’s life, especially in the security area. The most important thing about a gun is the bullet in it, which is sometimes also called by a cartridge. A bullet is a little bit similar like fireworks and it has three sections: the primer (fuse), the propellant (chemical explosive), and the bullet core (to hits target).

When you pull the trigger of a gun, the propellant chemicals burn to produce lots of gas with high pressure to forcing down the bullet core at extremely high speed. When a very fast object moving despite having a low mass, it will have high momentum which is the product of mass, velocity, and kinetic energy. Bullet will transfer this high momentum to the anything object that blocking its way, so that’s why the gun and bullet have a great destructive ability.




Actually, the complete theory is not as simple as that, many factors have the effect on its destructive ability. One of them is space density. The standard bullet will have the limitation when it is used in water. Its power will be reduced due to the frictional force of water so its kinetic energy will decrease. Navy soldier and the army will need a special bullet that works in underwater to maintain security in submarines area. Duretek Co., Ltd has developed a promising underwater bullet or it also called by multi-environment ammunition (MEA) which can be used for shooting in the open air or underwater situation.

Duretek MEA GP bullet introduction :

Simple explanation behind this bullet is based on the supercavitation effect, a bubbling gas produced and trapped around the bullet while underwater and it will reduce the frictional force of water therefore the bullet can travel with high speed. Besides that, these bubbles also can be formed by fast-moving fluid then the water pressure drops. When the pressure drops at the same temperature, a phase change will appear from liquid to gas.




Most underwater bullets can only work optimally in water situation, but their strength decreases when fired in the open air. Unlike other general underwater bullets, GP bullets by Duretek Co., Ltd  has same strong performance as in open air. This is because GP bullet used a high-density material in the front and low-density material in the rear. It will decrease yaw angle, resulting GP bullet can reduce aerodynamic drag and air resistance. It makes better stability in flight, follow the straight movement, and increase the speed of the bullet. Supercavitaing ammunition GP bullet has more destructive power when fired in open air.


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