Armor Piercing ammunition GP bullet

Armor piercing shell is a type of ammunition designed to penetrate armor like tank or thick metal objects. Since it’s main purpose is to penetrate a tank, it’s even called anti-tank ammunition. Armor piecing bullet should first withstand impact of hitting a think metal surface, then it still be able to hold its destructive power to do a damage inside a think metal object. Now the question is if armor piecing bullet can be shot from a handheld gun. The answer is “yes”.


Various GP bullets


Body armor has been advanced in years, now scientists and engineers have made big progress in the field of body armor such as bulletproof vest. However, even with high tech bulletproof vest, it won’t stand armor-piercing bullets. So handheld gun in combination with armor-piercing gun has given modern soldiers invincible powers. But there is one thing that cripples this power. What if your power doesn’t work underwater?




Here comes multi-environment ammunition bullet. In modern world, you can’t take a risk in crippling your combat power. A destructive bullet work in one environment and if it won’t work another environment, you are crippled. Or at least you need two units working together on one mission as pairs in this scenarios. Otherwise, you rely on luck to destroy a target while not being immobilized by half working weapons.


MEA Bullet


As we introduce GP bullet as one and only true MEA (multi-environment ammunition), GP bullet will give you invincible powers under any circumstances.

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There are multiple reasons why you need true MEA bullets in a modern combat.

  1. Scenario A : When you spot unwanted objects (bombs) installed underwater, and if you have spot this while hovering via helicopter, what would you do? Typically, a soldier has to shoot it from a distance. So a helicopter won’t be damaged by blowing up a bomb. With a regular bullet, it will hit the water and lose its destructive power immediately. In case of regular underwater bullet, it won’t fly directly in open air, so hitting a target below water would be almost impossible without shooting hundreds and hoping one of them will hit a target luckily.  But GP bullet will fly directly in open air and hit the target with holding the same destructive power as in air until it hits the target.
  2. Scenario B : In a combat boat if you find torpedo is heading toward you, it’s too late to do evasive maneuver with a huge boat. What would you do? You need to hit a target from a distance. Either you must have underwater bullet shot underwater or shoot it from open air toward underwater to hit torpedo from a distance. Either way, GP bullet will serve its mission successfully.  Not only this, GP MEA bullet can be working as armor piercing bullet therefore it will penetrate submarine thick metal.




It appears that guns are getting more advanced over time but bullets are not so much. To my knowledge Duretek’s GP bullet is one and only true MEA(multi-environment ammunition) and it serves as armor-piercing ammunition as well.


Armor Piercing Duretek GP Bullet tests
Armor Piercing Duretek GP Bullet tests

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