GP bullet: Works Best as Armor Piercing and Underwater Bullet

The development of ammunition technology has become more sophisticated lately. Could you imagine the wars of the old time? When the explosive things had not been invented, the ancestors fought the enemy with their hand assisted by swords and like. But now with the bomb and chemical explosive inventions, we can defeat enemies from very long distance.




Another powerful modern weapon is Armor Piercing (AP) Bullet type. It is a type of the bullet that used to penetrate targets even it protected by hard layers such as armor, a bulletproof vest, vehicle protectors, concrete, or tank. It can cut through hard materials. To achieve this great purpose, the bullet must be designed to have very high speed and hardness to pierce without reducing its destructive power. The bullet also does not shatter during penetration to gives all its energy concentrated at the tip. Most of AP bullets on the market use high-density material such as steel, tungsten carbide, or depleted uranium cover with a softer material such as copper or aluminum. It designed to have greatly strengthened body with a specially hardened and shaped nose to achieve deeper penetration.


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Unfortunately, there are limitations on the current AP bullet available these days. First, to take the full advantage of AP bullet’s ability you should use specific firearms types such as heavy machine guns, anti-materiel rifle, or yourself-modifier firearms. You can’t use a simple handgun because it will affect its travel speed. Second, it was included in general bullets which only be used in the open air. It will lose its power when used in underwater because of the water friction. The need of this technology is not limited to the land, the navy soldier also needs this AP bullet to fired enemy in the submarines area.


Armor Piercing Duretek GP Bullet tests
Armor Piercing Duretek GP Bullet tests

To overcome this problem, Duretek has spent years to developing GP bullet that will work best as both AP bullet and true MEA (multi-environment ammunition) bullet.

  • As AP bullets: because it is designed with designed with a high-density material in the front and low-density material in the rear, it will reduce the aerodynamic drag and air resistance. It makes GP bullet will travel more with high speed and more penetration power. Also, air guiding grooves significantly reduce vortex formed in the tail so it makes better stability when flying resulting in more destructive power (more than 30% up than regular bullet).

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  • As underwater bullets: based on the supercavitation effect, a bubbling gas produced and trapped around the bullet. It is large enough to cover the whole bullet passes through the liquid phase. It will certainly reduce the water friction so the GP bullets can reach the underwater target with very high speed.

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