Anti-drone Revolution: which one is the best?

Drone-technology is currently on the rise, it has so many amazing features to use for the various applications. Coupled with its affordable price makes many consumers interested in owning them. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts that unit drone that will be sell in 2020 is three times more than in 2016. This rapid drone in the society eventually will cause problems if the user cannot use it wisely. For example, it is used for delivering drugs to the prison, risking people’s safety by playing it into a flight path or interfere security by taking photos or videos where it’s not allowed.




Seeing that potential, many companies are also developing anti-drone technology which is getting rapidly in its development. This product is used to detect, immobilize, catch, and bring down any UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Anti-drone development day by day is also increasingly amazing. Starting from simple technique until the complex systems. Here are the types of existence anti-drones right now based on how it works:


  1. Drone detection and tracking

This anti-drone system is designed to track the existence of any unwanted drone in a certain area. Mostly it consists of two components: tracking antenna and its remote controller. Sometimes it can be equipped with a jammer. When any unwanted drone enters the range, then the control system will notify and give an alert to the operator. It can give much useful information regarding the unwanted drones including UAVs serial code, model, position, speed, and its ground controller locations. After that, the operator will report to the security officer or law enforcement team to take some action. But sometimes fast handling is needed in dealing with some drone cases.



  1. Drone jammer drone

Drone jammers are commonly called signal blockers. It can block and interfere the communication signals between drone with its controller. The simple drone jammer available on the market is just disturbed the radio frequency (RF) signals. As a result, the unwanted drone will directly fall to the ground or return home to its controller. This case is sometimes undesirable because breaking unwanted drone can be very dangerous if there is something like a bomb on it. Returning to its home also can make us lose the evidence. But, drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS has a different way. BA SOLUTIONS drone with built-in jammer (so called drone catcher drone) can block an unwanted drone’s RF signal together with GPS signal.  Make it hover for a moment and diverted to somewhere safe.


  1. Drone catcher drone

Drone catcher can capture unwanted drones directly to prevent it from being damaged by falling to the ground. The simple drone catcher available on the market is by using another drone that can fire a bullet-like containing a net. With this net, hopefully, the unwanted drone can be captured without a worry of being damaged. But in fact, catching a fast-moving drone is not as easy as imagined. Again, drone catcher drone by BA SOLUTIONS offers a more sophisticated way, a drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammers. Jamming to immobilize unwanted drone first, to make it stop moving. Then catch them with nets. This way makes the drone easier to catch. If you interested in our drone catcher drone, please visit