Take care of your intake manifold to get the best car performance

The intake manifold is one of the main components in a car engine. It is same as other component interconnections if one part has a problem, the effect will be on all parts of the engine. The intake manifold itself has a function to distribute a homogeneous mixture of air and fuel from carburetor or throttle body into the combustion chamber. So, the right amount of air can mix with the right amount of fuel gas to get the perfect combustion. Other functions of this intake manifold are to serve as the mounting point and as part of a vacuum system.


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An engine – it has an interconnection between each component


The intake manifold is usually made from the metal-based material that is heat-resistant to prevent melting such as iron or aluminum. But some newer cars now use intake manifolds made from composite plastic materials. Regardless of the construction materials, the intake manifold performs in the same basic concept, it all has a single input and multiple outputs. The design of these components vary widely depend on the application, here are some examples of types the intake manifold on the market: square bore intakes, spread bore intakes, low rise intake, in-line engine, V-type engine, single plane intake manifold, dual plane intake manifold, etc.


An intake manifold

Due to its location that near to the combustion chamber, the condition in the intake manifold is in a fairly high temperature. As a result, this heat causes a buildup of impurities such as oil vapor and fuel, which later becomes deposit that called by carbon sludges. This carbon sludge is the main problem that greatly affects all the engine performance. It can block the air-fuel mixture going through the combustion chamber, if the combustion chamber lack of air (oxygen), incomplete combustion will occur.  There will be a lot of disadvantage if incomplete combustion happens in our engine car:

  • It produces dangerous exhaust gas (carbon monoxide) and more pollutant
  • More fuel consumption
  • Poor acceleration power
  • It will make our car’s performance going down in overall.


Typical diesel car intake manifold area
Carbon sludge accumulation in the intake manifold


There are many ways to clean the intake manifold from carbon sludge, starting from the most traditional way: manually dissembling-assembling parts. But this method requires high effort and time, the time needed can be for hours just to dismantle the engine part. Some people are recommending using a fuel additive to clean the carbon sludge, by mixing it into the fuel they claim it can clean the carbon sludge in the intake manifold. In fact, its result is not best as expected. Read my article regarding fuel additives here (https://roaringengine.com/2018/03/30/diesel-fuel-additive-car-performance/).


Red part is D Clean adapter
D Clean component (red part)

Another easiest way to clean carbon sludge with a reliable result is use D Clean product by BA Solutions.  It can clean the existing accumulation carbon sludge as well as it can prevent before it is formed. D Clean has 3 components: cleanser liquid, adapter, and control system. The control system will automatically discharge the cleanser liquid while driving. So you can take care of your intake manifold by easily driving your car as usual, then get the best performance of your car!

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