Porsche D Clean installation and user testimonial

A lot of people in love with various cars will be excited if they were given the choice of driving a “Porsche” not to mention owning it. Some people say that Porsche is considered as an alien designed car. In other words, it is a perfect car for both comfort and performance on top of elegant design therefore it’s hard to believe Porsche is a human designed car.

As a Mini Cooper fanatic myself, it is also my dream to drive it daily when I am retired. Somehow, it feels to me that old man driving a Porsche is very cool and sometimes romantic. In fact, I often saw old gentlemen driving a Porsche in the United States, which inspired me.

I always take a photo of a Porsche when traveling. A photo was taken in Shibuya, Japan.
I always take a photo of a Porsche when traveling. A photo was taken in Shibuya, Japan.

When Porsche released a Cayenne in 2002, Porsche fanatics as well as Sports car lovers criticized that why Porsche had to add this big SUV(Sports Utility Car) into Porsche products lines. A lot of them didn’t feel Porsche Cayenne as an authentic Porsche car. In fact this is no surprise as Porsche Cayenne body is based on Touareg SUV from Volkswagen. So literally one can argue that this isn’t a really Porsche car.


Ironically, Porsche Cayenne became very successful therefore revenue from it can be used to do more research and development of improving Porsche Boxster,  Porsche 911 and more. In fact, Porsche Cayenne is one of the most profitable SUV in the world. Due to this unexpected success, Porsche released another smaller SUV Porsche Macan in 2003. Macan is a rear-drive car, smaller than Cayenne SUV.

A Porsche Cayenne 2017 EURO 6 model
A Porsche Cayenne 2017 EURO 6 model

Although Porsche Cayenne Diesel model is very successful SUV , it can’t avoid necessary evil “Carbon sludge buildup” problem. This happens to all diesel cars, no matter how well designed it is, it happens eventually. This Porsche user in the photo owns Porsche Cayenne 2016 which meets EURO6 specifications. A lady owner didn’t drive for long distance much, rather she drove 5 to 10 km daily but she is really frustrated since DPF warning sign is on in every 1,000 km or so.


Depending on the driving patterns, some people see this warning sign in every 3 to 5 days which is really annoying. When this happens drivers need to visit an authorized center to turn this warning sign off. The way engineers to turn this off is to burn carbon waste left in the DPF. The problem with this burning process is that this makes DPF component wearing out quickly. Eventually one has to replace DPF component which costs $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 range.

Intake Manifold

Engineers from Porsche authorized service center advise Porsche owners to use sports mode driving as often as possible to avoid DPF warnings. Somehow sports drive mode can prevent carbon wastes from building up in the intake manifold therefore it won’t trigger DPF warning as often as before. But this won’t be good for good mileage.

If you are a Porsche Boxster or 911 owners, this won’t be a problem at all as you’ve probably chosen Porsche for its performance. But SUV like Cayenne, some people choose this over comfort, not necessarily for its sports performance.

D Clean installation look
D Clean installation look

There is an alternative way to make DPF warnings go away.  DPF warnings happen when there is carbon sludge waste starting to build up in the intake manifold but when you install D Clean in front of intake manifold area, this takes care of the problem at all times. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy fun driving. Whether you put driving modes to Sports or Economy, regardless, D Clean kicks in whenever it is in need.

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