Tips to increase your diesel car performance

Diesel cars are indeed famous for its great power, low fuel consumption, and it has many amazing features. But no matter how good the features offered by the diesel cars, its performance will decrease throughout the usage. Cars that have been used for years will certainly have a different performance with the newly purchased cars. Typical problems will be easy to find in long-lifetime used cars like black smoke emission, power loss, high fuel consumption, etc. As car drivers, surely we want to have a car with the best performance even though it has been used for decades.


So here are some tips to improve our diesel car to get more power and get the best performance overall:

  1. Regular maintenance

One of the most optimum ways to increase diesel power is to do regular maintenance. By doing checked regularly, it will help detect any issues that could be deterring the engine’s performance. So if there are any damaged parts or needs repairs, handling can be done as soon as possible before it gets worse. In regular maintenance also, there will be an oil change and air filters. It will reduce overall friction, lower internal temperatures, and extend the lifetime of the engine.

Regular maintenance includes oil replacement. Typically authorized car service engineers tell you to replace engine oil in every 15,000km – 20,000km. But contrary to their suggestion, it’s best to replace it in every 10,000 km or so.

Disassemble intake manifold area

  1. Proper modifications parts of the engine

Modifications or usually called by “engine tuning” is an adjustment of the engine. It can be parts of internal combustion, control unit, or replace certain parts on the engine with a specific purpose. Hopefully, with these modifications, the engine’s performance will improve.

  • Chips tuning (to get more power): By applying a small electronic device (diesel tuners) in Engine Control Unit (ECU) is expected to help manage the diesel engine performance. It can be modified to different settings level and available in several forms such as EDGE tuners, STT tuners, etc.
  • Upgrade the diesel fuel injectors (improve fuel efficiency): By modified the fuel injectors, it can produce a higher range of power output by using a special hole pattern in the injectors. It gives the most effective delivery of fuel to the combustion chamber.
  • Install a turbocharger (to get more power): A turbocharger is a turbine-driven force induction device that can increase the internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output. By giving more air (more oxygen) into the combustion chamber it will give more power.
  • Upgrade the exhaust systems (reduce black smoke): If you upgrade the exhaust systems with another one that has bigger capacity, it can more reduce engine heat and expel post-combustion gasses more effectively.
Typical diesel car intake manifold area
Carbon sludge in intake manifold area
  1. D clean

Modifying a car is a fun thing, but if one modification is just for one purpose only, the cost incurred for all the performance improvements are quite large. I have other recommendations for these improvements: try to install D Clean in your diesel car. It can give all the above purposes. Because of D Clean can get rid of the carbon sludge problems which is the main problems of all these issues. Carbon sludge itself is a soot accumulation in the intake manifold, as an effect of oil burns due to the hot circulation. By using D Clean, you can easily improve your diesel engine at very small cost. Read about D Clean testimonial here (

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