Slow lifestyle in Seoul, South Korea (Digital Nomads)

Living in a big city, slow lifestyle seems like an impossible mission. But gradually, there are people who claim to be digital nomads. These people usually work from Co-Working space as opposed to a traditional fixed office place. Then they go camping or do some activities they like during a weekend. In S. Korea, city life is getting more busier than ever. People want things to be done as quickly as possible. So normally people in mid age are under a lot of stress from work. Then over 45 or so, they began to have unwanted body symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. One day, all of a sudden a guy over 45 realizes that working hard over two decades or so, all he has now is poor relationship with a family and unhealthy symptoms.

Co-Working space is getting popular in Korea. New Nomads
Co-Working space is getting popular in Korea. The new nomads


People referred to digital nomads as the new nomads


This is kind of very sad story of modern man or woman who is the head of the household(typically man in Korean society).  So now people are more interested in how to enjoy slow-lifestyle while living in a big city such as Seoul. One way to enjoy this is through weekend activities.

I met a lady from Swiss a while ago, and found out that she seems to know a lot of cool places in Seoul or near Seoul where once can visit via public transportation. She works during week days and visit cool places from the book during weekend. I wondered how she got this information while I don’t even know as a Korean who was born and raised in Seoul. The secret was a “Lonely Planet” Book.


Lonely Planet introduces a lot of cool places in Seoul.
Lonely Planet introduces a lot of cool places in Seoul.


So I bought “Lonely planet” about Seoul city, too. It has extensive information about cool places in Seoul or near Seoul. Food information, or activities. I could find pretty much all information I need in the book “Lonely planet”. As a digital nomad person myself, it has been a while I dedicate my time to enjoy weekend time with my family. This book add more list of places to visit over the weekend.

There was a time I also had to work even weekend when I worked for a company in 15 years ago. But over 5 years of no weekend gave me liver problems from stress. It took me almost two years for a recovery. Since then I quit working for any company as an employee and declared myself as a digital nomad person.


An hour diving from Seoul will take you old places mixed with modern.
An hour diving from Seoul will take you old places mixed with modern.
Slow food - Chicken Soup
Slow food – Chicken Soup

Slow food!

One more way for me to enjoy slow life living in a big city is to enjoy slow food. Slow food is an opposite word of fast food or instant food. One has to prepare food ingredients and take the time to cook food for long period of time.  The benefit of this type of food is you get to talk to people while waiting for the food. Also slow food tends to be healthy food. One of the best slow food I enjoy is a chicken soup. You put a whole chicken in the big pot of soup along with lots of vegetables including various mushrooms.

As a digital nomad person myself, I tend to work more than regular office hours but somehow, I feel more energized. No more stress from work. (Of course, I feel stressed from time to time, but compared to decades ago, this level of stress is negligible.)

More importantly, I could get up early during the weekend, and get ready to hit the road with my BMW which I love, to find a slow food and to be in nature.

If you’re planning on visiting Seoul for a tour, I advise you to check out lonely planet Seoul version. You also might be able to experience slow life in a big busy city!