Carbon sludge problem with clean diesel car

Clean Diesel!

Before when we don’t have passenger diesel cars (other than trucks) in Korea, people believed diesel cars produce heavy pollution. Decades ago, old diesel trucks produced dark cloud off of exhausts. Not only it smelled terrible but also it looked so dark which gave off the impression it’s really bad(which is true). Then one-day the government started a campaign about the clean diesel. People got confused but the government convinced people that diesel can be very clean with DPF.  Then they enforced old trucks and buses to install DPF. Soon car manufacturers introduced passenger diesel engine cars.

Mini Cooper Diesel
Mini Cooper Diesel

Years ago, when a diesel engine sedan was introduced to Korean market, people got fascinated by the idea. High energy efficiency with more power? It’s like a dream car. But recently it turned out to be a disaster. Old diesel engine sedan produced dark cloud like the old truck even with DPF. The government started banning old diesel cars to enter Seoul city to reduce air pollution. What in the world they claimed diesel fuel as the cleanest fuel at one time, and now they claim it to be quite the opposite?

U.S. Energy Information Administration
U.S. Energy Information Administration Data

According to U.S. Energy Information Administration(click above photo for details), “few transportation fuels surpass the energy densities of gasoline and diesel.” And diesel is heavier than gasoline but requires less space which makes it the most efficient energy source. From this evidence, it’s obvious that we have to encourage car manufacturers and people to use diesel cars. But the reality is not so promising for diesel cars.

Delivery system relies on diesel fuel.
The delivery system relies on diesel fuel.

According to various researchers and forums, new-technology diesel engines will be introduced which might meet near-zero fine particle emissions. So this should be technically called a “clean diesel” engine. Diesel engine plays a very important role in human society. Without heavy duty diesel engine, maybe our delivery system will fail, and some of the power generators will be stopped as well. And more. So developing a clean diesel is essential to everyone not just limited to passenger cars. And it seems like technology is already in place.

What is the real problem?

Apparently, clean diesel technology is available. And evidently, this technology is applied to recent EURO-6 standard cars. But why can’t we have clean diesel cars? The problem lies in “carbon sludge” Due to the structure of diesel engine, carbon sludge starts building up in the intake manifold area the moment you start driving and your turbo feature kicks in.

Carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold
Carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold

Carbon Sludge?

When carbon sludge buildup grew bigger and bigger, it turns into soot(a chunk of carbon sludge) which blocks EGR valve which is critical to make clean diesel (before DPF) and eventually, soot might catch fire.

The solution to fix this issue is to remove carbon sludge buildup at all times. But this solution is not practical at all. Cleaning carbon sludge from intake manifold area takes a lot of time including disassembling engine parts to assembling it. So most people just let it build up several years and get it cleaned up in 5 years or more. This not only degrades the engine’s overall performance but also produces fine particles (air pollution). After all, EGR and DPF can only so much, so when it’s overloaded, it can’t prevent fine particles emission from happening.

D Clean installed on Porsche Cayenne
D Clean installed on Porsche Cayenne

Real Solution?

As we all know now that removing carbon sludge physically is not a practical solution. One can do it in every five years or so, but it can’t be done a daily basis. But carbon sludge starts building up the moment you start driving. Luckily there is a solution for this, we created a product D Clean which needs to be installed in front of intake manifold. It discharges cleaning liquid regularly so, it prevents carbon sludge from building up while driving.

Check out BMW 520D user’s testimonial! I believe we can keep clean diesel clean at all time through D Clean.